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  • Seas of Venus
    by Drake, David

    On Venus, where survivors of the human race struggle to live in domed undersea
    Keeps, two determined soldiers--Ensign Brainard and Johnnie Gordon brave the
    treacherous web of intrigue in the Keeps and the perilous surface jungles to
    ensure the survival of all humankind, in an omnibus volume that con
    Seas of Venus
  • When We Were Bad
    by Mendelson, Charlotte

    Claudia Rubin is in her heyday. Wife, mother, rabbi & moral voice of the nation,
    it is she whom everyone wants to be with at herolder son's glorious February
    wedding. Until Leo becomes a bolter and the heyday of the Rubin family begins to
    When We Were Bad
  • Tricked
    by Robinson, Alex

    Alex Robinson has written and illustrated several graphic novels, including Too
    Cool to Be Forgotten , Box Office Poison , Tricked , and Our Expanding Universe
    . He and his work have won several industry awards, including the prestigious
    Eisner Award and prize for best debut in Angouleme, France. Space considerations
    prevent us from listing the awards Robinson has lost, unfortunately. He lives in
    New York City with his wife and their pets, and hopes to have another book out
  • The Day the Cowboys Quit
    by Kelton, Elmer

    In the wealthy resort town of Pandora, North Carolina, old secrets and
    heartaches are guarded as closely as rubies cut from the mountain bedrock. It is
    said that a fine ruby is both silk and stone, light and shadow, fortune and
    tragedy. And the finest ruby of all is the famous Pandora Ruby, a gem that has
    divided the Vanderveer and Raincrow families for decades and shattered the lives
    of all who have possessed it.
    The Day the Cowboys Quit
  • Shinsei Shinsei
    by Dows, Chris

    In celebration of Star Trek's 40th anniversary, here are five new episodes set
    in the Original Star Trek series: The last survivors of gender war live on as
    spirits in machinery and take control of Enterprise; a dying race unwittingly
    creates the ultimate resistance to disease; a small colony tries to cheat death
    by uploading its collective consciousnesses into a satellite; warring planets
    exchange peace offerings via the Enterprise, but one ""gift"" is turns deadly; a
    group of teen, warrior-robot pilots becomes restless in times of peace, turning
    to pillaging for thrills.
    Shinsei Shinsei
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