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  • Pirates of the Narrow Seas 1 : the Sallee Rovers
    by Kei, M.

    "Pirates of the Narrow Seas was a dashing good tale full of adventure and
    mayhem"'”Sage Whistler, author of 'Broken'"nail-bitingly intense . . . I
    highly recommend that you rush out and get this book."'”Alex Beecroft, author
    of 'False Colours'Lt. Peter Thorton of the 18th century British navy must
    struggle to come out gay while surviving storms at sea, ship to ship battles,
    duels, kidnapping, and more in his quest for true love and honor. Pirates of the
    Narrow Seas is an expertly crafted swashbuckler brimming with authentic detail
    and fully realized portraits of life at sea, written by a tall ship sailor and
    internationally acclaimed poet.Winner of a Sweet Revolution Award for 'best full
    cast' and 'Judge's Pick'
    Pirates of the Narrow Seas 1 : the Sallee Rovers
  • Prophecy's Chyld : Book 2: Nox Chronicles
    by Carpenter, Erika K.

    Waking one morning a few months after loosing Nikoli to an injury induced
    Torpor, Nox finds herself pregnant. Not knowing who the father is, and
    threatened by her once friend and employer, Drake. Nox decides to disappear for
    a while. And what better place to disappear then the mystical isle of Eire. A
    land void of all technology, and ruled by druids. Nox travels to Eire to find
    the mother she never knew, and to find out about the mysterious prophecy
    surrounding her birth. Along the way she is captured by the werewolf Crown
    Prince of Scotland, Prince Seamus who seems obsessed with possessing her. Will
    Nox ever discover what it means to be Prophecy's Chyld?
    Prophecy's Chyld : Book 2: Nox Chronicles
  • The Miser Married
    by Hutton, Catherine

    Catherine Hutton (1756-1846) was an English novelist and letter-writer. Born in
    Birmingham, the daughter of historian William Hutton, she became a friend of the
    scientist and discoverer of oxygen Joseph Priestley and the novelist Robert
    Bage. A keen letter-writer, she corresponded with, among others, Charles
    Dickens, Edward Bulwer-Lytton and her mathematician cousin Charles Hutton. She
    built up a collection of over two thousand letters, some of which were published
    after her death. Hutton published a number of novels including The Miser Married
    (1813) - itself partly written as a series of letters - The Welsh Mountaineer
    (1817), Oakwood Hall (1819) and The History of Birmingham... Continued to the
    Present Time (1819). She also wrote a history of the Queens of England and
    numerous pieces of journalism.
    The Miser Married
  • The Collector
    by Fowles, John

    ' artist of great imaginative power' Sunday Times Withdrawn,
    uneducated and unloved, Frederick collects butterflies and takes photographs. He
    is obsessed with a beautiful stranger, the art student Miranda. When he wins the
    pools he buys a remote Sussex house and calmly abducts Miranda, believing she
    will grow to love him in time. Alone and desperate, Miranda must struggle to
    overcome her own prejudices and contempt if she is understand her captor, and so
    gain her freedom. See also: The French Lieutenant's Woman
    The Collector
  • The Filigree Ball
    by Green, Anna Katharine

    Author of "The Leavenworth Case," "That Affair Next Door" "Lost Man's Lane."
    The Filigree Ball
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