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  • Quarry : A North School gang Mystery
    by Jarratt, David Arthur

    On a hot July day in 1944, the chubby member of a group of soon-to-be Seventh
    Graders discovers a body tied to two cinder blocks at the bottom of the town
    quarry while swimming. Quarry is about the discovery of not only the body, but
    also the leader of a Nazi spy ring that operates from their small Ohio town
    where a world-renowned scientist is doing secret experiments at the local
    'Polytechnic Institute' to facilitate the end of the war This is a
    'coming-of-age' novel about six boys growing up in Middle America during the
    height of World War II. The effect the war has on their daily lives and the
    lives of their families. It combines the warmth of a loving family with the
    terror of a dysfunctional one, the goodness of a War Widow, the affection for
    children, no matter their color or ethnic background, of a wonderful singer and
    teacher, and camaraderie of not only the boys, but the local police force, which
    is brought together by this mystery. The 'quarry' of this story brings all these
    elements together and shows the characters at their best and worst, as the war
    progresses and sabotage is on the increase by enemy and American alike. We meet
    FBI agents from Cleveland and Cincinnati, learn the identity of the 'body' found
    in the quarry, are brought back to 1940's America through the use of the slang
    of the period, gasoline and food rationing, popular radio shows, movies and
    visual images of the war through the popular Movie-tone News. The headlines of
    the major newspapers, The Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Columbus Dispatch shout
    the bad news at home and on the war fronts as two of the boys deliver their
    papers each morning. It demonstrates how entertainment even then, the love of
    music, square dancing, and 'the movies,' helped America survive the war and its
    necessary absences at home. We watch the love grow between several of the adult
    characters and a budding infatuation of one of the boys for a girl also starting
    seventh grade. The inner workings of a small-town police force, the County
    Sheriff's office, the Highway Patrol and even the Federal Bureau of
    Investigation are revealed throughout the novel, all through the eyes of one of
    the boys, who returns to his home town after a career in the Army as an aviator
    and quasi adventurer. Quarry offers a unique look at 1944 America through his
    eyes: the good and the bad, the ethical and unethical, the moral and amoral, the
    best and worst of what America was then and with a foreshadowing of what America
    has become today!
    Quarry : A North School gang Mystery
  • 20,000 Leagues under the Sea
    by Verne, Jules

    Themes: Hi-Lo, adapted classics, low level classics, graphic novel. These
    literary masterpieces are made easy and interesting. This series features
    classic tales retold with color illustrations to introduce literature to
    struggling readers. Each 64-page softcover book retains key phrases and
    quotations from the original classics. When seaman were sailing only wooden
    ships, Captain Nemo was the master of his incredible, futuristic submarine, the
    Nautilus, which journeyed through many strange and adventurous voyages...
    20,000 Leagues under the Sea
  • War Brides
    by Bryan, Helen

    As evacuation gets underway and Britain waits for the Luftwaffe to arrive, the
    lives of five very different women are about to collide in the sleepy little
    village of Crowmarsh Priors.Evangeline has eloped from New Orleans with naval
    captain Richard Fairfax. A Sussex village is about as far away from home as she
    can possibly imagine, but brings her nearer to her true love - Laurent, who has
    fled to France. Alice is resigned to life as the parish spinster, but the war
    will bring her friendships and passion she could never have foreseen.Elsie
    leaves her East End home at fifteen, to become an under-house maid for Lady
    Marchmount. She soon catches the eye of another young evacuee - Bernie
    Carpenter.Tanni has fled from Vienna, and arrives in Crowmarsh Priors with her
    newborn son, not knowing if her family are alive or if she will ever see them
    again...Frances is to see out the war with her godmother, Lady Marchmont. She
    has lived a carefree life of privilege, but now her desire to help her friend,
    Tanni, leads her into a whole new world of danger and excitement...Together
    these five women will face hardship, passion and danger. They form a bond that
    lasts for the rest of their lives and sees them through their darkest hours
    War Brides
  • Falling
    by Thubron, Colin

    From the crowd below a journalist watches, as a circus girl performs her
    strangely daring trapeze act, and is captivated by her beauty, outrageous
    costumes and exotic make-up in such a way that he finds himself falling
    helplessly in love with her. But it is from a prison cell that the journalist
    remembers what happened - a prison like a microcosm of the world outside, where
    there are those who risk, and those who are self-incarcerated. Exploring the
    courage to aim beyond human limitation, FALLING is an intensely moving story of
    love and loss.
  • Nota Bene
    by Delalot, édéric

    Bords de mer, villes, villages, impressions, instants de vie: Nota Bene est un
    survol memoriel de micro-recits en reminiscences. Frederic Delalot est ne a
    Paris en 1967. Ayant pour theme central l'ecoulement du temps, ses recits
    depeignent un monde en mutation. Il a publie plusieurs romans et nouvelles, A
    present, Bastille 1987, Cruel magma, Dependances imaginaires, Entre les heures,
    Force nomade, Gravitation, Hyperespace, King of France, L'energie et Ma vie
    pendant la crise de 2009. Il est aussi l'auteur de poemes et de contes
    (Impression - A la lisiere des etendues I, Juxtaposition des courants - A la
    lisiere des etendues II)."
    Nota Bene
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