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  • Story of a Leader
    by Rodriguez, Shindo-Ki

    Juan Rivera aka John Revere, was the founder of the Grudgeslingers in New York.
    The Grudgeslingers were a group of people that did anything they could to try
    and stop crime and bring peace to the world. Juan is interviewed by a reporter,
    who was considered the best reporter in News Route. While given an extra chance
    by his superiors, the reporter who doesn't like to reveal his name had the
    opportunity to make the best story given. Story of a Leader, talks about the
    life and adventures of Juan Rivera and the Grudgeslingers. It is an
    inspirational story for people that believe someday the world will be at peace
    by teaching the people what they can do in stopping crime.
    Story of a Leader
  • Elephantmen - Questionable Things
    by Starkings, Richard, Norman, Justin

    A MAPPO sleeper cell has been reactivating Elephantmen, affecting not only the
    lives of Hip Flask and Ebony Hide, but Vanity Case, Miki, Sahara, and LAPD
    Lieutenant Blackthorne as well.
    Elephantmen - Questionable Things
  • Animal's People
    by Sinha, Indra

    Animal''s People Indra Sinha Description Animal''s People translates a series of
    taped recordings of a story told by a nineteen-year old boy named Animal from
    the Indian city of Khaufpur. Named Animal for the deformed and misshapen spine
    that causes him to navigate his world using both his arms and legs, he and his
    city are forever shaped by the chemical disaster they all refer to only as
    ''that night''. Animal invites us on his journey of self-discovery and
    self-reclamation as he recounts the significant incidents and people that come
    into and change his life during his 19th year. Animal resists playing the victim
    as he attacks his life with zeal and bravado as he relentlessly pursues Nisha,
    the object of his affection, defies his rival for her affection by pursuing a
    friendship with an American doctor his city has sworn to hate and strives to
    secure his dream of someday walking on two legs. Brutally honest, unexpected
    funny, starkly unapologetic, and always provocative, Sinha turns a global
    tragedy on its head as he reveals the personal and even parochial human concerns
    and joys that co-exist with even the harshest political and economic realities
    of life. Questions and Topics for Discussion What does Animal mean when he says,
    "he used to be human once"? What does being human mean to Animal? What does
    Animal believe it would take for him to "become human" again? Does Animal get
    his wish? Who is Kha-in-the-Jar and what does he want from Animal? What do
    Kha-in-the-Jar and the others like him represent for Animal? How are readers to
    understand and make sense of Kha-in-the-Jar? What is the significance of names
    in the story? How do the names of individuals and things both suggest and
    obscure their meaning or value? What is the significance of the book''s title,
    Animal''s People ? As outsiders, both Zafar and Elli attempt to help the people
    of Khaufpur. Compare and contrast their approaches. What are the cost and
    benefits of each? To whom did you find yourself most sympathetic? Why? What does
    Animal mean when he says that time does not exist for the poor? Why must all
    things be "now o''clock"? Who or what is Kampani? What does Zafar''s dream and
    Elli''s confessions reveal about Kampani? Animal, Ma Franci, and Zafar conceive
    of "that night" and its repercussions in unique and specific ways. Detail how
    each understands and makes sense of the events of "that night" and why the
    disaster occurred. How do each believe "that night" should be resolved for the
    people of Khaufpur? To whom do you find yourself in most agreement? Why? What
    happened during the night of the factory fire? What is the significance of the
    mysterious woman clad in burka with a broom? What parts did Animal, Ma Franci
    and others play in that fateful event? What did the fire mean for the community,
    for Animal? What role will it play for them in the future? To what do Elli,
    Animal, and Somraji''s discussion of music and its relationship to promises
    refer? What do the music and promises metaphors tell us? What do they tell
    Animal? Do these metaphors continue to resonate for Animal at the end of his
    tale? Why or why not? Animal''s People has been quoted as a book that "one that
    has its roots in unspeakable tragedy, but manages to stay upbeat, darkly funny
    and utterly devoid of self-pity." Do you agree with this statement? Discuss some
    of the key elements of the story that valid/invalidate this claim. Tips to
    Enhance Your Bookclub Read Further Explore the world Indra Sinha has created by
    visiting the website of the fictional town of Khaufpur at Book club leaders should ask book club
    members to explore the website, especially the interview with the lead
    character, Animal on page Why do
    you believe the author has crafted such a website? Has the website altered your
    understanding or appreciation of the novel? If yes, how so? If no, why not? What
    questions would you pose to Animal? How do you believe he would respond to them?
    If you could be like Elli and offer a service that would be advertised on this
    site, what would you offer to the city of Khaufpur? Provide a sample of your Ad
    for the group Take Action - Donate Book club leaders can visit to access Indra Sinha''s tribute to
    Sunil Kumar, his inspiration for the character of Animal. Print a copy of the
    tribute and distribute it to members of the book club. You may discuss the
    following with the group: a. What are the parallels that exist between Sunil and
    Animal''s story? b. Does Sunil''s end impact your appreciation of Sinha''s
    telling of the story? The tribute sheet has a donation form attached. Encourage
    book club members to collect and bring donations to the meeting and complete one
    donation form in the name of the book club and send in all donations in the name
    of the book club. Investigate the real event- "That Night" What is the real
    event that inspired Sinha''s portrait of Khaufpur?
    Animal's People
  • Sojourn
    by Salvatore, R. A.

    Collecting the adaptation of R.A. Salvatore's New York Times-bestselling novel!
    Drizzt DoUrden has forsaken his subterranean home for the harsh unknown of the
    surface. The young warrior begins a sojourn through a world utterly unlike his
    own - and finds that acceptance among the surface-dwellers will only come at a
    great price...
  • Ghosts of Capitan
    by Blaine, Jerry

    This is a must-read adventure novel—one you will enjoy reading time and time
    again. Filled with adventure, murder, romance, humor, treachery and
    thought-provoking spirituality. Follow detective Steve Corbin along as he
    strives to free the souls of four earthbound Spanish Conquistadors. In so doing,
    his destiny is altered for life. The reader’s personal destiny will also take
    on new meaning after reading this!
    Ghosts of Capitan
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