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  • Armistice
    by Lewis, Stephen E.

    1950. Master Sergeant Fredrick Parker, United States Army, is a decorated
    veteran of World War II and an infiltration specialist assigned to the Korea
    Military Advisory Group. Personal tragedy and the insanity of war have left him
    bitter and with a deep hatred for the Japanese and Korean people. 1953.
    ¿Drafted¿ by the CIA, Parker and his team venture into ¿No Man¿s Land¿ on a
    mission that calls for them to secretly make their way to Pyongyang, the North
    Korean capital city, and attempt what could hasten the end of the war and change
    the fate of the entire world¿ ¿but things go terribly wrong.
  • The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Down
    by Jackson, Neta

    Ruth and Ben are caught up in an unplanned pregnancy--in their 50s. Chanda is
    deluded by the glitter of her lottery dream come true. Florida wants to move her
    family, hoping to leave trouble behind. Avis is torn between honoring her new
    husband and helping her abused adult daughter.
    The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Down
  • Who Murdered Garson Talmadge?
    by Bishop, David

    Matt Kile, ex-cop and ex-con, and current smart aleck has built a career writing
    mysteries. Garson Talmadge sold weapons to Saddam Hussein, then came to America
    and married Clarice, a woman half his age. When Clarice is arrested for
    murdering her husband, Matt takes the job of investigator for her defense
    attorney, with suspects stretching from the U.S. into Europe and the Middle
    Who Murdered Garson Talmadge?
  • Centre Earth
    by Evans, Daniel

    There is nothing but the light. It is coming from his eyes. All I can do is
    stare into his eyes. In the aftermath of Armageddon, the human race has found
    refuge deep in the core of the planet. Ruled by a over-powered dictator the mind
    wonders whether the city was built for salvation or submission. One mind is
    Sergeant Peter Davies. Working for the average police force, a million-to-one
    chance comes true when he is asked to participate in a secret mission, but
    during his time on the surface he is captured by militant rebels who force the
    truth about the one he calls leader. Soon Davies begins to doubt everything he
    ever believed in, but has he got it in him to bring down the last civilisation
    human kind has left.
    Centre Earth
  • Mission to Mars
    by La Rina, A. Seward

    Have you ever wondered about life on Mars and what it would take to get there?
    When you combine a NASA employee, his son who aspires to be an Astronomer,
    sophisticated medicine and "special" passenger"-- You'll have the opportunity to
    venture traveling to the Red Planet. Mission to Mars will take you on a journey
    with Kevin Steis who as a small child aspired to be like his father who retires
    from NASA. Kevin Steis picks up where his father left off but on a higher level.
    As Steis and the NASA crew develop a "special" passenger and a high tech
    spacecraft - this story is sure to keep you entertained and in suspense as Kevin
    Steis and his partners make remarkable discoveries
    Mission to Mars
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