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  • The Last Hieroglyph Vol. 5
    by Smith, Clark Ashton

    "None strikes the note of cosmic horror as well as Clark Ashton Smith. In sheer
    daemonic strangeness and fertility of conception, Smith is perhaps unexcelled by
    any other writer." --H. P. Lovecraft Clark Ashton Smith, considered one of the
    greatest contributors to seminal pulp magazines such as Weird Tales , helped
    define and shape "weird fiction" in the early twentieth century, alongside
    contemporaries H.P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard, drawing upon his background
    in poetry to convey an unparalleled richness of imagination and expression in
    his stories of the bizarre and fantastical. The Collected Fantasies series
    presents all of Smith's fiction chronologically. Authorized by the author's
    estate and endorsed by Arkham House, the stories in this series are accompanied
    by detailed background notes from editors Scott Connors and Ron Hilger, who in
    preparation for this collection meticulously compared original manuscripts,
    various typescripts, published editions, and Smith's own notes and letters.
    Their efforts have resulted in the most definitive and complete collection of
    the author's work to date. The Door to Saturn is the second of five volumes
    collecting all of Clark Ashton Smith's tales of fantasy, horror, and science
    fiction. It includes all of his stories from "The Door to Saturn" (1930) to "The
    Hunters from Beyond" (1931), as well as an introduction by Tim Powers. Skyhorse
    Publishing, under our Night Shade and Talos imprints, is proud to publish a
    broad range of titles for readers interested in science fiction (space opera,
    time travel, hard SF, alien invasion, near-future dystopia), fantasy (grimdark,
    sword and sorcery, contemporary urban fantasy, steampunk, alternative history),
    and horror (zombies, vampires, and the occult and supernatural), and much more.
    While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller, a national
    bestseller, or a Hugo or Nebula award-winner, we are committed to publishing
    quality books from a diverse group of authors.
    The Last Hieroglyph Vol. 5
  • We Are Now Beginning Our Descent
    by Meek, James

    The message was short.'I want to see you now. I want you to come to me, it
    doesn't matter how late it is, and tell me exactly what you want from me.'At the
    dawn of the twenty-first century Adam Kellas finds himself hurled on a journey
    between continents and cultures. In his quest from the war-torn mountains of
    Afghanistan to the elegant dinner tables of north London and then the marshlands
    of the American South, only the memory of the beautiful, elusive Astrid offers
    the possibility of hope.With all the explosive drama of The People's Act of
    Love, this is a spellbinding tale of folly and the pursuit of love from one of
    today's most talented and visionary writers.James Meek has won the Ondaatje
    Prize, the Saltire Award, the Macmillan Silver Pen and been longlisted for the
    Man Booker Prize. We Are Now Beginning Our Descent won the 2008 Prince Maurice
    Prize.'Astonishing. A love story that owes everything to the great collision of
    bin Laden and Bush Jr's foreign policy. Wholly original.'The Times'Damnably hard
    to put down, with the momentum and trajectory of a well-aimed rocket. A book to
    keep one reading through the small hours. Terrific.'Jonathan Raban, London
    Review of Books'A highly intelligent novel and edgily contemporary.'Independent
    put down, with the momentum and trajectory of a well-aimed rocket. A book to
    keep one reading through the small hours. Terrific.'Jonathan Raban, London
    Review of Books'A highly intelligent novel and edgily contemporary.'Independent
    We Are Now Beginning Our Descent
  • Friend of the Family
    by Jewell, Lisa

    Lisa Jewell had always planned to write her first book when she was fifty. In
    fact, she wrote it when she was twenty-seven and had just been made redundant
    from her job as a secretary. Inspired by Nick Hornby's High Fidelity, a book
    about young people just like her who lived in London, she wrote the first three
    chapters of what was to become her first novel, Ralph's Party . It went on to
    become the bestselling debut novel of 1998. Twelve bestselling novels later, she
    lives in London with her husband and their two daughters. Lisa writes every day
    in a local cafe where she can drink coffee, people-watch, and, without access to
    the internet, actually get some work done. Get to know Lisa by joining the
    official facebook page at or by following
    her on Twitter @lisajewelluk. And visit her website at
    Lisa Jewell is in her thirties and was born and raised in north London, where
    she lives with her husband and their baby girl, Amelie Mae. She worked as a
    secretary before redundancy, a bet and a book deal took her away from all that.
    She is the author of four huge bestsellers: Ralph's Party, Thirtynothing,
    One-Hit Wonder and, most recently, A Friends of the Family .
    Friend of the Family
  • Bite Me If You Can
    by Sands, Lynsay

    Once Bitten . . . One minute Leigh is walking home in the early hours of the
    morning, and the next a vampire is sinking his teeth into her neck. Turns out it
    was a rogue vampire marked for termination, but it does Leigh little good
    because the damage's already been done. She's become one of them . Lucian
    Argeneau, hunter of rogue vampires, has been alive for over two thousand years,
    and there's very little to excite him anymore. Food has become tasteless, sex is
    ordinary. Then Leigh drops into his life. Suddenly he finds himself craving
    coffee . . . and imagining the sassy brunette atop the black satin sheets on his
    nice big bed. It's Lucian's job now to enlighten Leigh on the inner workings of
    being immortal . . . and tutoring her is igniting a fire in him that hasn't
    burned in centuries. But until they stop a renegade bloodsucker from destroying
    the human race, passion will have to wait!
    Bite Me If You Can
  • Two Days in July : A Docu-Drama of Claus Von Stauffenberg's Attempt to Kill Hitler
    by Dalager, Stig

    This docu-drama presents the story of Claus von Stauffenberg's assassination and
    coup attempt against Hitler on 20th July 1944 with perhaps greater clarity and
    psychological insight than any straight factual account could succeed in
    conveying. Leading reviews from the Danish & German press - "The
    documentary-fiction of Stig Dalager is deeply fascinating as well as intriguing
    both as an elementary exciting tale and as a demonstration of the psychological
    and sociological factors which together influence human lives, and at some point
    with immense consequences for the world. The portrait of Hitler has an
    especially deep impact: the psychopath, whose illness makes him blind to the
    normal ethics of good and evil." Jyllandsposten "Dalager draws a penetrating
    portrait of Hitler and raises a wonderful memorial for the men who fought in
    vain against the evil." Der neue Tag Perhaps the Danish writer, Stig Dalager,
    found the real human being behind the hero's image. Punctually on the 60th
    anniversary at the end of June appeared the German translation of the novel Two
    Days in July. The days around the bomb attack are portrayed in two perspectives:
    Stauffenberg's and Hitler's. Dalager's Fuhrer is a pitiable almost whimpering
    figure, looking back to his childhood, and conscious of the prospect of his
    downfall. Parallel to that, the romantic Stauffenberg in his self-imposed role
    of hero, experiences delusions of grandeur, fanaticism, and contempt for Adolf
    Hitler, all going hand-in-hand psychologically in order for him to succeed in
    his mission. Stauffenberg is obsessed. The picture which emerges of him is less
    heroic or sympathetic than usually portrayed but because of that is more
    credible. Matthias Lohre in Das Parliament"
    Two Days in July : A Docu-Drama of Claus Von Stauffenberg's Attempt to Kill Hitler
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