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  • Executive Pink
    by Paust, Mathew

    The many plots against the President of the United States are so routine she's
    grown tired of hearing about them during her morning briefings. One possible
    conspiracy has you, her chief of staff, worried because it could involve people
    on her staff and you might be the only other person aware of it. Despite
    coincidental deaths of several close associates you're reluctant to share your
    suspicions for fear you are simply losing your mind.
    Executive Pink
  • When God Laughs and Other Stories
    by London, Jack

    A collection of Jack London stories, including When God Laughs, The Apostate, A
    Wicked Woman, "Just Meat, " Created He Them, The Chinago, Make Westing, Semper
    Idem, A Nose for the King, The "Francis Spaight, " A Curious Fragment, and A
    Piece of Steak.. Jack London (1876-1916), an American novelist and short-story
    writer whose works deal romantically with elemental struggles for survival. At
    his peak, he was the highest paid and the most popular of all living writers.
    Because of early financial difficulties, he was largely self educated past
    grammar school.London draws heavily on his life experiences in his writing. He
    spent time in the Klondike during the Gold Rush and at various times was an
    oyster pirate, a seaman, a sealer, and a hobo. His first work was published in
    1898. From there he went on to write such American classics as Call of the Wild,
    Sea Wolf, and White Fang. "Jack London is at his best - that peculiar best which
    is inimitable... Nothing is more important to note, however, thanthe soundness
    of the psychology of all these stories. They are made out of the deep fibre of
    humanity. By command over such material does Jack London hold his place in our
    literature. By command over the knack of clearly flowing, acid-biting English
    that often takes rich color." - Boston Transcript
    When God Laughs and Other Stories
  • Rules of Deception
    by Reich, Christopher

    Doctor Jonathan Ransom thought he knew everything about his wife Emma until she
    was killed in a tragic skiing accident in the Swiss Alps. They had been married
    for eight years, eight blissful years in which they had travelled the world
    together. But the day after her death a mysterious letter addressed to her
    arrives at their hotel. When he opens it, his beliefs begin to unravel -- fast.
    . In the envelope is a railway baggage check to a suitcase that reveals an Emma
    far removed from the down-to-earth nurse who has been his constant and loyal
    companion all those years. In it he discovers the clues to a double life. Was
    she having an affair? When is your wife not your wife? And when she is not your
    wife, who is she? The answers begin right outside the train station where two
    policeman are waiting - to kill him. There are more answers as Jonathan escapes
    and the action sweeps him through Switzerland on a quest to discover the truth
    abut Emma. He is pursued by ruthless killers, entangled in an international
    conspiracy that touches all the world's Security Services and which will end in
    a denouement which is as breathtaking as it is totally unexpected.
    Rules of Deception
  • Old Secrets
    by Summers, Rowena

    Another stand-alone instalment of the family saga begun in Chasing Rainbows -
    Cherry Melchoir leads an idyllic life as the wife of Lord Lance Melchoir, but
    she never forgets her old life below stairs – before Lance fell in love
    with her and married her, despite his family’s disapproval. Lance
    banished Cherry’s evil, blackmailing brother to Australia years ago, but
    old secrets have a habit of returning – and trouble soon arrives, in the
    form of a young boy who claims to be her brother’s orphaned son . . .
    Old Secrets
  • Tapped Out
    by Roberts, Natalie M.

    Jenny thinks filling in as a dance instructor on the Hollywood StarMakers Tour
    will be easy money-until someone makes it clear that they want her to shuffle
    off to Buffalo. When other instructors start disappearing, Jenny, with the very
    attractive Detective Tate spotting her, vows that the show will go on.
    Tapped Out
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