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  • Sunjata : Warrior King of Mali
    by Fontes, Ron

    Sunjata : Warrior King of Mali
  • Gate at the Stairs
    by Moore, Lorrie

    With America quietly gearing up for war in the Middle East, twenty-year-old
    Tassie Keltjin, a 'half-Jewish' farmer's daughter from the plains of the
    Midwest, has come to university - escaping her provincial home to encounter the
    complex world of culture and politics. When she takes a job as a part-time nanny
    to a couple who seem at once mysterious and glamorous, Tassie is drawn into the
    life of their newly-adopted child and increasingly complicated household. As her
    past becomes increasingly alien to her - her parents seem older when she visits;
    her disillusioned brother ever more fixed on joining the military - Tassie finds
    herself becoming a stranger to herself. As the year unfolds, love leads her to
    new and formative experiences - but it is then that the past and the future
    burst forth in dramatic and shocking ways. Refracted through the eyes of this
    memorable narrator, A Gate at the Stairs is a lyrical, beguiling and wise novel
    of our times.
    Gate at the Stairs
  • The War God's Own
    by Weber, David

    Bahzell Bahnakson of the Horse Stealer hradani had never wanted to be the
    champion of the War God. Unfortunately, the War God had insisted. Which was how
    he had found himself among hostile strangers in the Empire of the Axe - except
    that that was only the least of his problems. For a start, there was the Order
    of Tomanak, who were horrified that their deity had chosen a hradani as
    champion, and were resolved to rectify the matter in a most unpleasant fashion.
    And if he survived that, he had to get home somehow, in spite of the enemies
    determined to stop him, to face the Dark God who had sworn to destroy all
    hradani. But one thing Bahzell had learned: a champion of the War God Tomanak
    does what needs to be done. And those who got in his way had better watch out...
    The War God's Own
  • Dynamo 5 Volume 2: Moments of Truth : Moments of Truth
    by Faerber, Jay

    As the Dynamo 5 team's personal lives begin to overlap with their super-hero
    adventures, some of their deadliest ememies decide to join forces, which may
    spell doom for Image's newest super-team!
    Dynamo 5 Volume 2: Moments of Truth : Moments of Truth
  • Boyfriend # 2
    by Alexander, Caleb

    Tameka had it all, a bright future and a new career. And then she met Caleb,
    Wall Street's broker of the year. Caleb was like a dream, a fairy tale come
    true. Tameka's only problem, was that she was in love with Erick too. She
    juggled both relationships, and kept both men apart, Then Erick found out about
    Caleb, and everything fell apart. Poor Tameka, what is she to do? Now that
    Boyfriend #1, wants her to set up Boyfriend #2
    Boyfriend # 2
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