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  • Mrs. October Was Here
    by Dowell, Coleman

    The quintessential American town ('Oh beautiful for specious skies / For ambient
    waves of pain...'), Mrs. Septimus October, a lady of vast wealth whose hobby is
    revolution descends with her mysterious entourage to stage her great
    experiment--one aimed at ridding the world of hatred by focusing it on one
    single individual and destroying him. Her strange cadre of agents grows amid
    surprising, even sinister circumstances. Her bright and terrible revolution,
    however, takes a turn she had not anticipated, and the novel reveals itself as a
    ferocious, many-leveled fable.
    Mrs. October Was Here
  • The Dead Sleep in the Wilderness
    by Kabei, Yukako

    Kieli is a reclusive girl isolated by her ability to see ghosts. Her only friend
    is her "roommate," Becca, the precocious spirit of a former student still
    residing in Kieli's dorm. Everything in Kieli's life changes suddenly when the
    girls meet the handsome but distant Harvey who, like Kieli, can see ghosts. He
    also turns out to be one of the legendary Undying, an immortal soldier bred for
    war now being hunted by the Church. When Kieli joins Harvey on a pilgrimage to
    lay to rest the spirit of a corporal possessing an old radio, as unlikely as it
    seems, she feels she may have finally found a place where she belongs in the
    world. And in Kieli, Harvey may have found a reason to live again.
    The Dead Sleep in the Wilderness
  • Zugzwang : 5 Sterne Edition
    by Bennett, Ronan

    St Petersburg, 1914: imposing and shabby, monumental and squalid, and - under
    its surface of frosty glamour - seething with plots and secret allegiances. On a
    blustery April day, O.V. Gulko, a respected newspaper editor, is murdered in
    front of a shocked crowd. Five days later Dr Otto Spethmann, famous
    psychoanalyst, hears of another murder in which he is implicated. But he is
    preoccupied with Avrom Rozental, the brilliant chess master, due to play the
    most important competition of his life but on the verge of a breakdown. With the
    city rife with speculation and alarm, Spethmann broods over his own chessboard,
    its pieces frozen mid-battle, and contemplates the many forces - political,
    historical, sexual - that are holding him in their grasp...;
    Zugzwang : 5 Sterne Edition
  • The Shipleys
    by Potter, Theodore

    Baran and Molly Shipley rescue an Indian boy who is the only survivor of a
    thwarted Indian attack on their wagon train in 1839 north Texas. The
    twelve-year-old Indian boy, Wa-Che-Bap, is nursed back to health from a bullet
    wound received in the failed battle. He becomes a son to the two good people,
    and the three of them are cast out by the rest of the wagon train because they
    have an Indian aboard. They strike out west into New Mexico territory. Finding a
    deserted ranch house of great charm, and finding they can receive this house and
    six thousand acres as a grant, Baran Shipley applies and receives it. The story
    moves down through the years, right up to 1981, and is an action-filled,
    sometime sad, sometime happy story of a family that stands by each other no
    matter what.
    The Shipleys
  • Les Liaisons Culinaires
    by Staïkos, Andreas

    Dimitris and Damocles live in the same block of flats. They share a love of
    cooking, and, it soon transpires, a lover – Nana. What follows is the
    story of their competition to win Nana’s heart through her appetite. As
    the plates pile up, and the recipes grow ever more mouth watering, a bizarre and
    comic duel develops, fought with sea-urchin salads, stuffed vine leaves and
    delicacies from all corners of the Aegean to win the consummate femme fatale or
    to end up with the sting in the tail&
    Les Liaisons Culinaires
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