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  • Blood Truce
    by Thompson, David

    Wilderness is the exciting series that details Nathaniel King's life and
    adventures in the Rockies as he fights to carve a life out of the savage
    frontier. When a deadly dispute among rival Indian tribes explodes into a bloody
    war, Nate has to make peace between the enemies--or his young family will be the
    first to lose their scalps.
    Blood Truce
  • The Enemy
    by Child, Lee

    Lee Child is one of the world'e(tm)s leading thriller writers. It is said one of
    his novels featuring his hero Jack Reacher is sold somewhere in the world every
    twenty seconds. His books consistently achieve the number-one slot in hardback
    and paperback on bestseller lists on both sides of the Atlantic, and are
    published in over one hundred territories. He is the recipient of many prizes,
    most recently the CWA'e(tm)s Diamond Dagger for a writer of an outstanding body
    of crime fiction. All his thrillers have been optioned for major motion
    pictures, the first of which, Jack Reacher , was based on the novel One Shot ,
    and the second, for release in October 2016, will be based on Never Go Back. He
    was born in Coventry, brought up in Birmingham, and now lives in New York.Visit
    The Enemy
  • Seaweed on Ice
    by Evans, Stanley

    Coast Salish street cop Silas Seaweed has his hands full. An elderly Jewish
    immigrant has disappeared. An old blind woman has been murdered. Valuable art
    stolen from German Jews during the Second World War has begun to show up for
    sale in Victoria's auction houses, and the word on the street is that collectors
    are planning to loot a priceless Native archeological site.Unravelling these
    mysteries becomes a life-and-death quest, for when his investigation leads
    Seaweed into romance, it's just possible that his lover is a ruthless
    killer.Praise for Seaweed on the Street: "Makes great use of West Coast
    aboriginal mythology and religionLet's hope Silas Seaweed returns." -- THE GLOBE
    Seaweed on Ice
  • Strange Stars and Alien Shadows : The Dark Fiction of Ann K. Schwader
    by Schwader, Ann K.

    Ann K. "Ankh" Schwader is a well-known science fiction, fantasy, and horror
    poet, but she is also a prose writer. Here at last is a collection of her dark
    fiction, including all her Cthulhu Mythos tales to date. Included are "Home
    Visitor" and "Twenty Mile," both of which have received honorable mentions in
    the Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, as well as "Mail Order Bride" and "Lost
    Stars," possibly her best work to date. With a preface by the author, a foreword
    by Robert M. Price, and cover and interior artwork by Steve Lines. Edited by
    Kevin L. O'Brien.
    Strange Stars and Alien Shadows : The Dark Fiction of Ann K. Schwader
  • Oiseaux Vigilants : A Suburban Fairytale
    by Anonymous

    Oiseaux Vigilants is comprised of original photographs by Wendy Erickson
    depicting a girl and the relationship she has with hand-painted birds on the
    wallpaper in an historic mansion. With accompanying story by Lydia Gnau.
    Oiseaux Vigilants : A Suburban Fairytale
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