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  • The Ride of Her Life
    by Moore, Natasha

    Shes in for the ride of her life. After a devastating diagnosis, sensible Sarah
    Austin yearns to live life to the fullest. When she talks her former teenage
    crush into a cross-country ride on his Harley, she thinks its her one and only
    chance for adventure, including a fun fling with love em and leave em Bastian.
    No longer a rebel, Dean Bastian is a counselor for troubled teens and ready to
    settle down. He doesnt know why Sarah is so desperate for an adventure, but hes
    willing to do anything to keep a smile on her face, even pretend to still be a
    bad boy. Sarah doesnt want to burden anyone with the future she faces, but can
    Dean convince her that the rest of her life can be an adventurewith him?
    Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex.
    The Ride of Her Life
  • Ronin
    by Miller, Frank, Miller, Frank

    Frank Miller began his career in comics in the late 1970s and rose to fame while
    drawing and then writing Daredevil for Marvel Comics. He was also the creative
    force behind Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Year One, and Batman: The
    Dark Knight Strikes Again . His works have not only redefined classic
    characters, but also revitalized the comics industry on a few occasions. His
    multi-award-winning graphic novel 300 was brought to full-blooded life in the
    2007 movie of the same name. His creator-owned crime saga Sin City first hit the
    page in 1991, and then the silver screen in 2005, with Miller on board as
    co-director with Robert Rodriguez. The two returned to direct the sequel Sin
    City: A Dame to Kill For , released in 2014 and featuring two new stories by
    Miller. In 2015, Miller returned to his bestselling series with the highly
    anticipated Dark Knight III: Master Race .
  • The Reluctant Queen
    by Lightfoot, Freda

    A brand-new historical novel from a well-loved storyteller - Sixteenth-century
    France. Gabrielle d’Esr es’ one wish is to marry for love, but her
    mother sells her as a mistress to three different men before she catches the eye
    – and the heart – of Henry of Navarre, King of France. Henry
    promises to marry her, but Gabrielle’s difficulties have just begun . . .
    for Henry’s wife will only divorce him if he promises not to marry
    Gabrielle. Is the love of a king enough to secure her both the happiness and
    respectability she craves and a crown for their son as the next dauphin of
    The Reluctant Queen
  • Colorado Bound
    by Trammell, Eddie Dean

    Cowboy hero Will Sterritt, a strong and good man, leaves East Texas to reach
    Colorado. Along the way, he encountes badgers, wolverines, bears, coyotes,
    mountain lions, thieves, killers and Indians, not to mention the mountains in
    the wilds of early Colorado.
    Colorado Bound
  • The Flight of the Blackbird
    by Fischer, John

    The Blackbird. Some said it was a living legend; others, a myth. To Captain
    Jason Kent and his love Deany Summers, it was their only hope. When their
    homeland of California, one of five city-states established after the Great War,
    is threatened by General Salvador Drone, ruler of the savage Empire of Dodum,
    Jason, Deany, and five fellow soldiers set off on a mission to meet that memory
    of the misty past promising release to their war-weary civilization. If they
    succeed, they will restore peace to their home. But if they fail, then they and
    all that they love will be enslaved under Drone’s vicious tyranny. Jason and
    his platoon know the dangers that await them. Yet their greatest enemy lurks
    among them; for when their plans unravel, they do as well, until they begin to
    doubt their mission, their way, and their commander. Struggling to keep the
    quest alive, Jason pushes forward, knowing that he must find the answer to their
    prayers, the mystery behind the legend, the power of the past—the Blackbird.
    The Flight of the Blackbird
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