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  • The Farringdons
    by Fowler, Ellen Thorneycroft

    Ellen Thorneycroft Fowler (1860-1929) was an English author. She was the
    daughter of Henry Hartley Fowler, 1st Viscount Wolverhampton and her sister
    Edith Henrietta Fowler was also a novelist. In 1903 Ellen married Alfred Felkin,
    a senior teacher at the Royal Naval School at Mottingham near Eltham. Her works
    include: Songs and Sonnets (1888), Concerning Isabel Carnaby (1899), A Double
    Thread (1899), The Farringdons (1900), Love's Argument and Other Poems (1900),
    Fuel of Fire (1902), Place and Power (1903), Kate of Kate Hall (with Alfred
    Laurence Felkin) (1904), Miss Fallowfield's Fortune (1908), The Wisdom of Folly
    (1910), Her Ladyship's Conscience (1913) and Ten Degrees Backward (1915).
    The Farringdons
  • Quantum of Solace
    by Fleming, Ian

    'Quantum of Solace ' the amount of comfort. Yes, I suppose you could say that
    all love and friendship is based in the end on that.'Bringing together all of
    the James Bond short stories in one limited edition stunning hardcover book,
    this is the ultimate celebration of suave and deadly secret agent 007. Whether
    he's making an unexpected discovery in the Bahamas, hunting down a Cuban hit-man
    in wild country, smashing an international drugs ring in Rome, on the trail of a
    murderous secret in the Caribbean, or foiling a surprisingly alluring assassin
    in Berlin's sniper's alley, dangerous missions and beautiful women come with the
    job for James Bond. And this agent is always a consummate professional. 'Quantum
    of Solace' was originally published in Ian Fleming's collection of short
    stories, For Your Eyes Only, and is also the title of the twenty-second James
    Bond film, starring Daniel Craig.From a View to a KillFor Your Eyes OnlyQuantum
    of SolaceRisicoThe Hildebrand RarityOctopussyThe Property of a LadyThe Living
    Daylights007 in New York
    Quantum of Solace
  • Witch's Sabbath
    by Gregson, J. M.

    Peach and Blake find themselves bewitched and bothered by a sinister crime... In
    an area famous for the Lancashire Witches four centuries earlier, it seems that
    witchcraft still flourishes. When a body is discovered in a derelict farmhouse,
    it is partly mummified, a pathetic ruin. Although an identity is quickly
    established, that is only the first of many problems. No one reported this young
    woman's disappearance when she went missing four months earlier. Most of those
    who were closest to her, from her former employer to her newly-acquired
    boyfriend, had reasons to keep quiet. Her flatmate, a woman of her own age,
    seems to have been very sure that Annie Clark was never going to return. And it
    appears she was a member of a modern coven, containing both male and female
    members... Chief Inspector Percy Peach, Detective Sergeant Lucy Blake and the
    team, hindered as usual by the direction of Chief Superintendent Thomas
    Bulstrode Tucker, have one of their most puzzling and compelling mysteries to
    Witch's Sabbath
  • The Good Man : A Novel
    by Lee, Edward Jae-Suk

    A lyrically evocative, haunting first novel....The writing here is deft and
    moving, offering vivid description of both the Montana setting and the
    remembered Korean landscape....The novel proves eerily suspenseful, ending on a
    redemptive note. A gracefully rendered, beautifully characterized tale about an
    unusual life. Jae-Suk Lee is a writer watch.
    The Good Man : A Novel
  • Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods
    by Williams, Rob

    Across four movies, a TV series, and countless spin-offs, Indiana Jones is one
    of the most recognisable icons of the 20th - and 21st - centuries. Dr. Henry
    Jones Jr. may be the world's pre-eminent archaeologist, but that doesn't mean
    he's spent his life in the library! He's ready to do whatever it takes to
    preserve the remnants of the world's most important historical finds, even if
    that means going head against Hitler's elite who will stop at nothing in pursuit
    of world dominance! Set between the events of the first two films, "The Temple
    of Doom" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark", be there for the beginning of a roller
    coaster ride of non-stop excitement as Indy dons his hat, packs his whip, and
    saves on the world!
    Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods
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