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Charterparties : Indemnities, Recourse and Collaterals
Charterparties : Indemnities, Recourse and Collaterals
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ISBN No.: 9781138786776
Pages: 256
Year: 201901
Format: Trade Cloth (Hard Cover)
Price: £144.00
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This book explores the topical issue of indemnities, recourse and collaterals in chartering, bringing together papers given at the 3rd Oslo-Southampton-Tulane Colloquium on Maritime Law Research by world leading scholars in the field. At a time of great volatility in the shipping market, indemnities, guarantees and recourse actions are becoming increasingly common issues. Although the commercial purpose of such devices is rather straightforward, their enforcement gives rise to a number of complex legal issues spanning from jurisdiction and conflict of law to equitable devices. With the aim of unravelling these complexities, this book examines a number of crucial issues, including the master to sign bills of lading as presented; bailment and general principles of indemnity and contribution under the general maritime law of the United States. This edited collection will be of great interest to academics and legal practitioners of international maritime law.

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