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Street on Torts
Street on Torts
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Author(s): Witting, Christian
ISBN No.: 9780198700944
Pages: 824
Year: 201504
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £68.58
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Part I. Introduction 1: Overview of tort lawPart II. Negligent invasions of personal, property, and financial interests 2: Duty of care I: foundational principles 3: Duty of care II: recognised harm 4: Duty of care III: public authorities 5: Breach of duty 6: Causation and remoteness 7: Defences to negligence 8: Liability for defective premises and structuresPart III. Intentional invasions of interests in the person and property 9: Trespass to the person and related torts 10: Wrongful interference with goods 11: Trespass to land 12: Defences to intentional torts against the person or propertyPart IV. Interference with economic and intellectual property interests 13: Background to the protection of economic and intellectual property interests 14: False representations 15: The general economic tortsPart V. Torts involving strict or stricter liability 16: Product liability 17: Nuisance 18: The rule in Rylands v Fletcher 19: Breach of statutory dutyPart VI. Interests in reputation: defamation 20: Defamation: foundational principles 21: Defences and remedies in defamationPart VII. Misuse of private information 22: Misuse of private informationPart VIII.

Misuse of process and public powers 23: Misuse of process and public powersPart IX. Parties and remedies 24: Vicarious liability 25: Capacity and parties 26: Remedies: basic principles 27: Principles of compensation for personal injuries and associated lossesAppendix Additional chapter on ORC: Animals.

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