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Statistical Methods for Radiology Researchers
Statistical Methods for Radiology Researchers
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Author(s): Lu
ISBN No.: 9789814273428
Year: 201104
Format: Trade Cloth (Hard Cover)
Price: £77.73
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Substantial developments in radiology/imaging methods have been achieved in recent years for disease diagnosis, prognostic classification, monitoring and evaluation of treatment efficacy, as well as the technological advances that result in better and efficient imaging processing. Statistics has played an important role in the evaluation and validation of these techniques and their clinical utilities. While there are books targeting statisticians to use the new tools developed exclusively for this biotechnological revolution, there are, however, few books targeting non-statistical radiological researchers who should be the advocators and users of the statistical tools. This book thus focuses on application instead of the detailed derivation of statistical theory. The practical approach will help radiologists and researchers understand the statistical methods used in their literature, and comprehend which methods they can order (from their local statistical restaurants with professional statistician chiefs) for their particular studies.

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