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Paediatric and Neonatal Critical Care Transport
Paediatric and Neonatal Critical Care Transport
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Author(s): Barry, Peter
ISBN No.: 9781405158909
Pages: 160
Year: 201512
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £33.59
Status: Out Of Print (Not available from Oakleaf Books)

This popular book on paediatric and neonatal transport medicine was first published in 2003 and has proved a successful guide for paediatric and neonatal ITU staff, prehospital and emergency department staff for the safe transfer of children and neonates, both from the scene of an accident and during intrahospital transfer. It is based on the course taught regularly at the Leicester Royal Infirmary. The editors devised and still run the course, which runs 5 times a year in the UK. Need for a new edition New aspects of transfer medicine in children and babies have emerged over the past three years and these should be addressed to bring the book completely up to date. In addition the editors are keen to improve the layout and make a standard format for each chapter, which will both improve the look of the book and make it easier to use. New authors will be invited to for some existing chapters, as well as for the new chapters. Specialists outside the area of paediatric critical care will be invited to contribute to this edition, as appropriate. Features of the new edition - New chapter on network transport provision to cover issues in providing perinatal/paediatric transport in managed clinical networks, including: -Referral systems, bed bureaux, -Planning network transport need and provision -Models of provision and pros/cons of options -Organising in a network - common guidelines/documentation/procedures/clinical governance -Supra-network issues - how transport teams interrelate - New chapter on parents and families, covering: - Maternal transport (i.

e. IUT) - Planning parental care (info to be given at the time of transport/maps/numbers) - What should parents be told about transport - Can the parent travel with the child? - Facilities for parents at the receiving unit - Planning for return transport - links with DGH units & strategies for making the step-down work for parents - New chapter on preparation for transport - the role of the referring hospital - Increased coverage of training issues within the existing chapters - Added coverage of air transport - New appendix with neonatal transport minimum dataset.

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