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Unique Physics of Light and Astronomy : Fundamentals of Radiation Physics, Quantum View
Unique Physics of Light and Astronomy : Fundamentals of Radiation Physics, Quantum View
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ISBN No.: 9780982718674
Pages: 500
Year: 202005
Format: Trade Cloth (Hard Cover)
Price: £91.43
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Status: Available (Forthcoming)

Subject matter of radiation physics and origin of forces of gravity is vast and is Universal. Therefore, we decided to split Second Edition of our text book ¿Unique Physics of Light and Astronomy¿ into two volumes. Further, whenever advanced theories are developed for solution of known problems, gaps are left behind due to ignorance. Novel theories are created for removing deficiencies of old theories yet new gaps emerge. We made a gallant effort and resolved all gaps of the past Electromagnetic Field theories. In Volume 1, we describe the fundamental principles about the origin of all types of radiation in general and light waves in particular. Further, we identified the root cause of forces of gravity among all objects in the Universe. In Volume two, we apply principles developed in First Volume for detection of gravity waves and their use in the area of Space exploration.

In this Second Edition, First volume is composed of Eight Chapters and the Second volume has Six Chapters. In this expanded edition, we have included topics such as methods of measurement of speed of light in a chronological fashion and compared merits of different techniques. In Chapter Six, we have disclosed relationship between probability in Path Integral Formalism of Feynman¿s Fascinating theory of light and probability an electron of light radiating source is found at a specific location. Also, we have explained reasons behind observed magnetic moment property of electrons in orbit of atoms of all elements of Periodic Table. In Chapter 8, we have revealed stunning facts about the presence of forces of gravity among objects spread out in enormously vast Universe. The details about the origin of force of gravity were presented from nanoscale view point of substances formed from composition of particles. Also, we characterized the effects of forces of gravity among objects on frequency of radiation emitted in construction of atomic clocks. Further, our discovery of origin of forces of gravity allowed us to unify all four forces of nature without any discrepancy.

In this enlarged Second edition we have added several new questions and problems in exercise section.

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