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Predictive Clustering
Predictive Clustering
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Author(s): Blockeel, Hendrik
Džeroski, Sašo
Deroski, Saso
ISBN No.: 9781461411468
Pages: v, 240
Year: 202504
Format: Trade Cloth (Hard Cover)
Price: £80.39
Dispatch delay: Dispatched between 7 to 15 days
Status: Available (Forthcoming)

This book introduces a novel paradigm for machine learning and data mining called predictive clustering, which covers a broad variety of learning tasks and offers a fresh perspective on existing techniques. The book presents an informal introduction to predictive clustering, describing learning tasks and settings, and then continues with a formal description of the paradigm, explaining algorithms for learning predictive clustering trees and predictive clustering rules, as well as presenting the applicability of these learning techniques to a broad range of tasks. Variants of decision tree learning algorithms are also introduced. Finally, the book offers several significant applications in ecology and bio-informatics. The book is written in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner, aimed at varied readership, ranging from researchers with an interest in machine learning techniques to practitioners of data mining technology in the areas of ecology and bioinformatics.

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