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Optically Polarized Atoms : Understanding Light-Atom Interactions
Optically Polarized Atoms : Understanding Light-Atom Interactions
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Author(s): Auzinsh, Marcis
ISBN No.: 9780199565122
Pages: 380
Year: 201009
Format: Trade Cloth (Hard Cover)
Price: £84.13
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Status: Available (On Demand)

Book Received, American Journal of Physics "This is an excellent undergraduate textbook which provides a modern treatment of atom-light interactions from an experimentalist's perspective. I recommend this book to any student who aims for a deep understanding of the concepts in atomic physics and how to apply them to current research topics." --Dieter Jaksch, University of Oxford "Many modern atomic physics experiments use subtle effects of atom-light interactions, be they the destructive interference associated with coherent superpositons, or the dynamics of optical pumping, or alignment to orientation conversion. Having such topics discussed in a coherent theoretical framework provides an excellent resource." --Ifan Hughes, Durham University "I highly recommend Optically Polarized Atoms and will probably use it next time I teach my graduate course. The book is specifically intended for use in a one-semester course in which the symmetry and angular-momentum aspects of atomic structure and laser-atom interactions are central. The level of detail and the clarity of explanations are admirable." --Daniel F.

V. James, Physics Today "The recently published book Optically Polarized Atoms by Marcis Auzinsh, Dmitry Budker and Simon M. Rochester will be a unique and valuable addition to the library of anyone - students or established researchers. It provides a rich mine of information about atomic physics that is hard to find elsewhere. I intend to keep a copy on my shelf of favorite physics books." --William Happer, Princeton University.

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