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Competitive Technical Intelligence : A Guide to Design, Analysis, and Action
Competitive Technical Intelligence : A Guide to Design, Analysis, and Action
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Author(s): Coburn, Mathias M.
ISBN No.: 9780195162141
Edition: Revised
Pages: 288
Year: 200611
Format: Trade Cloth (Hard Cover)
Price: £35.99
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Status: Available (Active record)

Significant changes in both technology and the marketplace are making it essential for companies to keep a close watch on their competition. Competitive Technical Intelligence , written by a leader in the field, shows how to do this systematically and reliably. The book covers the full range of issues, from initiating a technical intelligence program and integrating it into a strategic technical plan to setting up strategic alliances with other companies. The methods presented can be applied to a wide range of industries. Although it may sound like industrial espionage, competitive technical intelligence is really a tool for managing the tremendous amount of information available to the public, and this volume includes extensive advice on how to use diverse information sources efficiently and how to find and evaluate new sources. The book includes numerous examples and a clear emphasis on basic principles, making it valuable for anyone interested in tracking and analyzing changes in current technology and industrial practices.

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