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Nanobrain : Making an Intelligent Molecular Machine
Nanobrain : Making an Intelligent Molecular Machine
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Author(s): Bandyopadhyay, Anirban
ISBN No.: 9781439875490
Pages: 304
Year: 201903
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £138.00
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AN INTRODUCTION TO A NANO BRAIN: The background of nano brain The Soviet Union (USSR) era and the Bengali culture of book fair The science of consciousness in the Vedic culture The symmetry and role of ultrasound signals in Hindu rituals The fusion of complex algebra and the artistic patterns of metaphysics Advanced signal transmission mapping in the brain (EEG & FMRI) Quantum Brain models and the uncertainty principle: A virgin time (Plank''s time) True knowledge can never be written: A 2000 years long practice of Hindus: Nano brain will not have any software: A knowledge machine with hardware References The hidden worlds of computation: closer to Nature Equations do not represent a real world The world of patterns (CA & CNN) The space-time of light, nature, human brain How close space-time of pattern leads us towards nature? How much do we need to compromise? References What information do we lose in the existing science? Analogues of Einstein''s field equations are must Tensors and space time geometry in its newest form Retrieving the conventional science models: the lost account Can we provide a universal expression for the lost/profit accounts? References Collective co-existence with nature: Consciousness Consciousness does not exist in hardware: then where? Dark energy of brain: a signature oflearning and consciousness Social interactions might encode patterns of individuals inside others. Why do we fail to define consciousness? References Symmetry, beauty and intelligence Beauty lies in the emergence of symmetry or when we break it? Making fool is not intelligence (Turing test, pattern recognition) An architecture that creates and destroys symmetry Intelligence: an ultimate game of patterns Ciearning, hierarchical level of pattern control) References The impossible problems for existing computers How brain solves intractable problems? (Computational complexity) Brain features that computer can never have Nano brain and travelling salesman for minimum path. Nano brain and the decision problem Steiner tree problem References THE MAKING OF A NANO BRAIN The architectures of a nano brain Disk to sphere: elliptic to hyperbolic shapes Feynmann''s ratchet and molecular machines: two energy sources The necessity of a super brain inside a nano brain! Asymmetry that triggers the symmetry breaking Structural factors that sustain local isolations with a global communication. References The components of a nano brain Molecular neurons that are machines ·that are sensors! Proteins with many faces. Wires that evolve structurally creating/destroying orbital circuits A harmony of local molecular dynamics and cellular automata pattern evolution. Dynamics and conjugation at the nano brain machine junction The role of fluorescent molecules: Compromisation and compensation. Camouflage and mechanism to reach the target References The scaling up of nano brain to a giant micro brain The next generation giant nano brain design and fabrication pathway. Complexity of local processes: encoding a global control The symmetry of giant nano brain architecture Megamer or spontaneous self, assembly Growth like fractals: Process like CA: A perfect harmony Dying out information: Preventive measures? References Can a nano brain self-replicate? The essential condition of self''replication: its own evolution must originate from the evolution of engineering codes.

Growth relates to its environment: materials that add more following rules The driving force and the use of natural energy Adding complexity in the growth process, survival of new patterns inside a pattern. References The self healing machine How many neurons can we destroy before a brain collapses? Can computation survive through structural relaxation? Regenerative computation: many paths but only one goal: can we encode such situations? Physical damage and computational damage: distinction of protocols References THE OPERATION OF A NANO BRAIN The operational mechanism of a nano brain The polaron messenger Double speak by molecular machines The lazy yet disciplined brain of a nano brain Globally dependent and locally independent behavior References Programming a nano brain for a complex job Programming using external energy. light and global electric & magnetic field Encoding a global relaxation process that triggers local processes. How to control temporal evolution of a global relaxation process? A coherence between the completion of local process and the global control Why failure of a single nano brain wont effect the output of a complex job? Collective programming of a nano brain cluster References Crisis management of a Nano brain Changing computation as condition changes during computation Crisis management programming and response to extreme conditions. Swarm intelligence encoding: intra talk between nano brains Limitation of changing the hardware encoded program Self isolation or functional death References The energy accounts Supply of energy to run a nano brain. The energy distribution a local processes: an atomic scale management? Is Feynman''s ratchet is valid at the giant scale? Ambient atmosphere and physiological temperature: Can computation survive? Energy shield''s from external environment: An energy interface? References THE INCREDIBLE FEATURES OF A NANO BRAIN Adaptation to a new environment How nano brain prepares itself in a new environment. Self or remotely destruction measures. Modulating computation rules preserving the functional objectives Limitations of physical structure modulation Parameters that must be changed: Parameters that must not be changed References Creativity: a charm we are always looking for Any logical choice from an astronomical options is creativity.

How nano brain will search for the beautiful solution: A search for symmetry? Creativity and necessity: How a hardware can allow a cO''existence of both? Is it essential for the nano brain to foresee future for a beautiful solution? Defensive or offensive: That is the question. References Intelligence: online decision making Write intelligent algorithm for a length longer than this universe Many decisions at a time can never be sequentialized. A transition from Memory to learning and how both kinds of information would be retrieved suitably when needed. How nano brain hardware will simulate the future using memory and learning for a given situation? How nano brain will create preferential logic sequence and optimize the most suitable decisions? References A machine that learns by itself Learning is the formation of a pattern that generates abstract pattern of an unknown event. Emerging logic out of chaos in an abstract learning Mixing of many learning events: conversion to a retrievable form How learning should change the pattern evolution of computing Learning that leads to intelligence References A path towards super-intelligence The entropy symmetry patterns of our universe and brain. An unseen pattern inside a pattern that is inside a pattern Replica of a pattern that is replica of another pattern is awareness? How intelligence, learuing, logical decision making processes survive together? References An example: Bloodless medical surgery using nano brain Genetic operation Communicating intelligently with singing microtubules. nano brain scissors for cutting tumors nano brain stapler to grow damaged organs References COMPUTATION OF A NANO BRAIN The physical world of computation for a nano brain Tuning spatio-temporal evolution The necessity of an asynchronous update. Limited bandwidth of time and expansion possibilities.

Limited space problem to expand into an infinite space. The thermodynamics of the nano brain world: Hemchandra sequence References How nature will welcome a nano brain? Error like humans, chaos to logic or coexistence of both together. Is it a fusion between an abstract machine and a nature? Nano brain and the Charles Darwin Will nature accept nano brain like machines or reject it? Do we really have a choice to create something intelligent yet not naturally acceptably: Are both paths basically identical? References Nano brain as universal computer Turing test and making human''s fool: a testing of intelligence or dumbness? P and NP complete problems and the nano brain Existing concept of universality is a limited dream of single algo''predicted convergence through reductionism A new computational universality of patterns The concept of universal solution: A solution that contains many associated solutions of the same problem. References Massively parallel conventional computing with a new many-body theorem The limit and bandwidth of deterministic computing in nano brain Weather forecasting and complex natural processes modeling Modeling gravitational wave: Space-jump computing Humans after 300 years: Predicting human/life evolution through gene sequential modeling Modeling the elementary particle physics probl.

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