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Dolaucothi Estate and Gold Mines
Dolaucothi Estate and Gold Mines
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Author(s): Arblaster, Kate
ISBN No.: 9781843595304
Pages: 48
Year: 201802
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £10.93
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Status: Available (Active record)

Dolaucothi is a hidden gem. Bequeathed to the National Trust in the 1940s by H.T.C. Lloyd-Johnes, it has been maintained and managed as a traditional upland rural estate with a farming community working together for a secure future. Hidden at its heart are the Ogofau, the only gold mines in Britain known to have been worked by the Romans. Archaeologists have puzzled over the site for decades, and now its story can be traced back perhaps 4,000 years, to the Bronze Age. It is one of the most important archaeological sites looked after by the National Trust in Wales.

The woods and hills of the estate provide a haven for wildlife, from red squirrels to rare ferns, while the village of Pumsaint and the parkland of the lost mansion offer a glimpse of life as it was when Victoria was queen. The village is also in the care of the National Trust. Besides an introduction to the mines and methods of working, the guide book tells the story of the Johnes family and the decline of the Dolaucothi mansion. It is illustrated with historic photographs as well as striking images of the underground galleries.

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