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What Every Child Needs to Know about Videogames
What Every Child Needs to Know about Videogames
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Author(s): Engelsgjerd, Marc
ISBN No.: 9781940705149
Pages: 22
Year: 202009
Format: Children's Board Books
Price: £8.18
Status: Out Of Print (Not available from Oakleaf Books)

Do you remember bicycling to the arcade with a pocket full of quarters to stand in line to play the newest videogame? The modern version of that is downloading a new videogame from the app store. It just isn t the same. Of course, neither are the videogames. CGI and realism are replacing 16-bit animation and cartoon worlds. All of this progress in such a short period of time demands a primer for young children to help them understand the history of videogames, what makes them awesome, and where the dangers lie. Written with honesty, integrity, simplicity, and humor, "What Every Child Needs To Know About Videogames" is that guidebook. Written by an M.D.

and a top consultant to the videogame industry, What Every Child Needs To Know About Videogames is the book for adults who just cannot wait until the young children in their lives can hold a controller.".

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