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Author(s): Roberts, Wil
Roberts, Willian Owen
ISBN No.: 9781909844568
Pages: 536
Year: 201601
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £12.87
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Status: Available (Active record)

Originally published in Welsh in 2008, Wil Roberts Petrograd was reprinted within eight weeks, winning Wales Book of the Year in 2009, as well as ITV Wales Readers Choice Award 2009.The novel begins in 1916, as Russia loses the war against the Germans on the Eastern front. For most of the well-to-do families of Saint Petersburg the impact is barely felt. Alyosha, son of wealthy industrialist Fyodor Mikhailovich Alexandrov, is far too preoccupied with the pretty face of his new governess to be aware of the dark clouds gathering on the horizon.Petrograd follows the fate and fortunes of two branches of a well-to-do family from Saint Petersburg, which was renamed Petrograd during the First World War. One brother, Fyodor Mikhailovich Alexandrov, is an industrialist, the other, Kozma Mikhailovich, a General in the Tsars army. The effect of the unfolding events, and the sweeping political and social changes on the family are described from the viewpoint of the teenagers, Alyosha and his two cousins, Margarita and Larissa. The family must decide whether to stay and try to survive and adapt under a new order which is so hostile towards their class or to escape and become exiles.

All three eventually reach the sanctuary of Berlin. But the sanctuary is deceptive, and such comforts as it provides for the young people are bitter-sweet. The sands of exile continue to shift beneath their feet and they quickly learn that their search for security and a place in the world is far from being over.

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