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Differentiated Instruction : A Guide for World Language Teachers
Differentiated Instruction : A Guide for World Language Teachers
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Author(s): Blaz, Deborah
ISBN No.: 9781138906181
Pages: 192
Year: 201603
Format: Trade Paper
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eResources I. DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION: WHAT IT IS/ WHAT IT ISN'T What is Differentiated Instruction? What Differentiated Instruction IS What Differentiation is NOT Some Research to Support Differentiation II. FROM CONTENT TO PROCESS TO PRODUCT Content, or What to Teach Process, or How to Practice Product, or How to Assess Preparing Yourself Preparing the Students Management Issues and Ideas I II. PLANNING A DIFFERENTIATED UNIT Identify What Is to Be Taught (Content) Pre-assess Students' Needs and Capabilities Choose the Form(s) of Assessment to Be Used (Product ) Decide on the Method of Presentation Classroom Environment Select a Variety of Learning Strategies (Process) Sample Units Learning Centers Interdisciplinary Units Cultural Adventure Unit: Language in Our Community (Spanish) Project-Based Learning Unit Checklist for a Differentiated Lesson or Unit Checklist for Observing a Lesson/Unit that Uses Differentiated Instruction IV. IDEAS SMORGASBORD Vocabulary Speaking/Listening Reading Post-Reading Projects/Strategies Writing Review Other V. Differentiated Assessment Use Choice Use Context Use Variety Managing Grades VI. Reflections on Differentiation Graphics Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. APPENDIX A: CHECKLISTS APPENDIX B: THE LANGUAGE OF DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION: KEY WORDS AND CONCEPTS APPENDIX C: LISTS OF ACTIVITIES AND STRATEGIES BY STANDARDS Common Core ACTFL References.

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