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The Shepherds War Poet
The Shepherds War Poet
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Author(s): Wyn, Hedd
ISBN No.: 9781845275945
Pages: 96
Year: 201705
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £8.34
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He was a shepherd, not a soldier. He was also a promising young poet from the heartland of Meirionnydd. He had learned the craft of Welsh poetry and was killed only a few weeks before the National Eisteddfod in Birkenhead in 1917, the Eisteddfod in which his ode had been deemed worthy of its Chair. His story has a cruel twist in its tail and the loss of Hedd Wyn came to embody all the losses of the First World War in Wales.Hedd Wyn was lost far too early but some of his poems are, without a shadow of doubt, among the most famous and most significant Welsh poems of the 20th century. The translated selection in this volume will reach a wider audience who will feel empathy with the grief, but will also appreciate the values embossed in the poems the love of country, people, friendship and peace. These are the values that we uphold earnestly when we remember and try to understand what happened a century ago.

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