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The Dark Territory
The Dark Territory
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Author(s): Hunter, Jerry
ISBN No.: 9781784614553
Pages: 366
Year: 201804
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £16.46
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Status: Available (Active record)

A historical thriller set in the 17th century. A Welsh Puritan ex-soldier in the English Civil War is commissioned to sail to America to look for a group of Welsh Puritans who had gone there to found New Jerusalem, a utopia ruled along strict religious lines, but who have not been heard from for several years.Beneath the surface of his search for a lost community in the Wild West is a more reflective side to the novel, the story interwoven with strands taking us back to the period of the Civil War in order to explain the protagonists psychology and emotional state.A gripping and easy read, but also offering something to those hoping for something more intellectual. The story will strike a chord with readers coming to terms with bloody events happening around them in the modern world and make them wonder whether history is always destined to repeat itself.Reviews for the Welsh-language original version of the novel:Couldnt put it down. 10/10. Daniel Jenkins ‏@djj7146I can very much see this novel being turned into a film.

Sin Eleri RobertsA powerful novel, scary and very timely. William Owen RobertsJerry Hunter has created nothing short of a classic. Jon Gower.

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