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The Cambridge Introduction to Sanskrit
The Cambridge Introduction to Sanskrit
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Author(s): Ruppel, A. M.
ISBN No.: 9781107459069
Pages: 436
Year: 201703
Format: Trade Paper
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Acknowledgements; Studying Sanskrit; List of abbreviations; Notes for the reader; 1. Writing Sanskrit; 2. The system of Sanskrit sounds; 2a. Word stress: heavy and light syllables; 3. Road maps: verbs; 4. The present tense; 5. Road map: nominals; 6. a-stems; 7.

Vowel gradation and why we need to know about it; 8. Absolutives, ta-participle and infinitives; introduction to internal sandhi; 9. a-stems; 10. Prepositions and preverbs; 11. Introduction to external sandhi I: consonant sandhi; 12. Imperfect indicative and present potential; 13. i- and u-stems; sandhi II: visarga sandhi; 14. Compound nouns; 15.

Consonant stems I; 16. Sandhi III: vowel sandhi; 17. Noun formation; 18. Athematic verbs I; 19. Athematic verbs II; 20. Introduction to pronouns; pronouns I; 21. The future tense; middle and passive voice; 22. More participles; pronouns II; 23.

Relative and correlative clauses; 24. Consonant stems II; imperatives; 25. Noun stems gradation; consonant stems III; 26. i- and u-stems; 27. The perfect tense I: regular perfect formation; 28. The perfect tense II: irregular and unexpected forms; 29. -stems, n-stems; the periphrastic future; 30. Secondary middle endings I: thematic verbs; 31.

Secondary middle endings II: athematic verbs; 32. Pronouns III: 1st- and 2nd-person pronouns; 33. Desideratives and gerundives; 34. The periphrastic perfect; ta-participles ending in -na; 35. Perfect participles; more comparatives; 36. Absolute constructions; pronouns IV; 37. Numerals; 38. Aorists; 39.

Pronouns V: asau/adas-; 40. Some irregular nouns; Appendices: Appendix 1. Devanagari practice handouts; Appendix 2. Background; Appendix 3. Reference; Index.

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