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Lost Diary of Robin Hood's Money Man
Lost Diary of Robin Hood's Money Man
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Author(s): Barlow, Steve
ISBN No.: 9780007571567
Pages: 128
Year: 201412
Format: E-Book
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DRM EPUB £4.05

The tenth Lost Diary - a real milestone! Robin Hood has always been an enormously popular figure, but was he real? The mad middle-ages will feature in this real account of his life.It's Sherwood Forest and one man is looking after the nation's money. No, not Robin Hood, but his money man - Leonard du Somoney [Len d for short] While Robin robs the rich, someone has to control it before it's doled out to the poor. Friar Tuck, Maid Marian and that evil Sheriff of Nottingham will naturally make guest appearance as well as Richard the Lionheart and the Crusades, knights, castles, dungeons . Plenty of information about the measly middle ages as well as the odd joke or two about robin' banks!The Sherwood Forest Visitors' Centre is the second most visited tourist attraction outside London, after Alton Towers. There is an enormous amount of interest in Robin Hood worldwide, but particularly amongst children in England.

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