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Author(s): Adams, Emma
ISBN No.: 9781783198818
Pages: 104
Year: 201504
Format: E-Book
E-Book Format Price
DRM EPUB £11.40

'I want shocks! I've heard they are fun and a lot of blood rushes to your head.'77-year-old Norma is having a tricky day. She can't finish the crossword and Joy keeps stealing her recliner. Not to mention Helen next door has twisted her ankle falling from a weather balloon, they've run out of Class A drugs and the Utility Inspector just popped round to see if it's time for her involuntary euthanasia.Animals is a wicked satire set in a world where everyone over 60 is tossed on the scrapheap, children are hothoused, and being a 'burden on society' is the ultimate crime.

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