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Author(s): Hutchinson, Tom
ISBN No.: 9780194338752
Edition: Teachers Edition, Instructors Manual, etc.
Pages: 160
Year: 201705
Format: UK-Trade Paper (Trade Paper)
Price: £26.52
Status: Out Of Print (Not available from Oakleaf Books)

It is an up-to-date, friendly course which draws on a wide range of approaches to provide students with the balance of reflection, practice, and use necessary for effective language learning. It provides core material of approximately 70 hours. At Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate level there are about 30 hours of optional Extension material in the form of skills-based practice at the end of each unit. At Elementary level the Extension sections provide about 15 hours' extra work.They are found every two units and combine a page of skills work with a page of controlled language practice exercises. The material is exceptionally involving and high in human interest - a hallmark of this popular author. The language syllabus is clear, comprehensive, and realistic in length. Thereis a discovery approach to language learning which encourages students to develop independent skills.

This is reinforced by a comprehensive Grammar Reference at each level. At Pre-Intermediate level there is an optional 'Reflecting on Learning' section giving students the opportunity to think about how they can learn more effectively. It combines strong skills development, systematic vocabulary work, and an emphasis on functional English, with constant recycling. At Elementary level a'Functional Language' reference draws together the practical everyday language that students need. An independent pronunciation syllabus introduces the IPA and covers English sounds, stress, and intonation. The Workbook contains an independent writing syllabus and guides students through a variety of writingskills. The Teacher's Books provide strong support. As well as detailed teaching notes, they include extra notes on culture and problem areas, photocopiable materials, extra ideas, and progress tests.

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