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Author(s): Forsyth, William
ISBN No.: 9780194340793
Edition: Teachers Edition, Instructors Manual, etc.
Pages: 80
Year: 201804
Format: UK-Trade Paper (Trade Paper)
Price: £26.52
Status: Out Of Print (Not available from Oakleaf Books)

Clockwise is an intensive, multi-level course in general English for adults who want to build competence in English quickly and effectively, for social interaction and travel / functional purposes. The syllabus reflects the priorities of the short course learner. The emphasis is on developing fluency and building confidence in speaking and understanding. It refreshes key grammar areas and extends and builds a wider usable vocabulary. The style is pacey and energetic.Listening and reading texts are short and productive. Activity types include controlled oral practice, speed-learning techniques, memory skills, and timed activities. Performance tips and checklists provide a personal incentive to improve.

Each lesson has clear objectives, motivating students and giving them thefeeling of measurable, focused progress. There is an emphasis on 'real English', ensuring that what students learn is directly relevant to what they will hear on the streets. Regular sections give practice in funtional / situational language, the features of spoken English, conversational tactics and idiomatic vocabulary. Language is generated through a wide variety of interesting topics with a strong international flavour. Each level offers a coherent course of study, but is structured so thatthe lessons can be used in any order. Teachers can dip in and out of the course as needed, making it ideal for short courses with rolling enrolment. The all-in-one Classbook means students do not have to buy a separate Workbook. A pack of photocopiable extra activities for each level allows thecourse to be supplemented or adapted to suit individual needs.

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