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I Am Still The Same
I Am Still The Same
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Author(s): Allatt, Kate F
ISBN No.: 9780957136885
Pages: 197
Year: 201411
Format: E-Book
E-Book Format Price
DRM EPUB £7.60

Kate Allatt (internationally published author of 'Running Free' ) and Cheryl Galsworthy have written this practical book which aims to be a self-management tool for anyone affected by stroke or acquired brain injury. We hope I Am Still The Same will equip survivors with hands-on information to help them manage their own recoveries, both physically and emotionally, after 'the bomb has exploded.' What may surprise you is that I Am Still The Same is not just a book about Locked-in Syndrome recovery although the subject is covered. I Am Still The Same alludes to the fact that the person inside often thinks and feels the same yet their life and others' attitudes towards them, are now very different. This book also covers subjects such as coping with cognition and mobility issues, assistive technology, aphasia, childhood stroke and parenting after stroke, the emotional fallout and other taboos. Hopefully, sufferers will be able to proactively self-manage their own progress improvement but also benefit from better understanding and empathy from others.We proudly give a 'voice' to other stroke survivors who otherwise are often unheard. The book includes an abridged version of Kate's own stroke recovery journey.

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