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Author(s): Sapp, Rick
ISBN No.: 9781844062812
Pages: 96
Year: 201302
Format: E-Book
E-Book Format Price
DRM PDF £3.61

A quick flip through the New York Times almost any day of the week finds numerous ads for the most expensive of watches, which are now, as in the time of Queen Elizabeth I of England, the most elite of fashion statements and a clarion call that the wearer has achieved career success and wealth. This book includes 40 of the most famous watchmakers of all time who are currently producing outstanding timepieces for all pocketbooks and for all occasions. The introduction provides a short history of how Man first told time and developed the industry of timekeeping. Switzerland is the legendary home of the most distinguished craftsmanship in timepieces, in fact so much so that new companies establish themselves in Switzerland, not only to be close to the most-skilled technicians in the world, but also for the cachet that accompanies the location. The watch, regardless of its form, will survive the test of time because of Man's need to control his destiny, to count his accomplishments, to cram a lot of activities into a single day or night. Time stands still for no one. The watch is the messenger.

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