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Guide for Women in Religion, Revised Edition
Guide for Women in Religion, Revised Edition
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ISBN No.: 9781137485755
Pages: 224
Year: 201411
Format: E-Book
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DRM PDF £79.88

The Guide is a welcome companion for women in religious studies. From undergraduates to retired professors, this distilled wisdom of several generations of colleagues is an important book to have handy. Whether seeking a job, preparing for tenure, working at a non-profit organization, entering the publishing world, figuring finances, mentoring or being mentored, the reader will find just what she (or he-men find it useful too) needs to know. This volume reflects the diversity of women's experiences, the range of opportunities, the pitfalls and promises of religious studies that span ministry, academia, and activism. It is a good investment for one's future career and a welcome gift for students. This second edition is updated to reflect the rapidly changing field, especially technological innovations.

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