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The Nature of Nature : How Science Has Been Wrong All Along - The Underlying Reality of Nature and How SuperWaves Will Change Everything
The Nature of Nature : How Science Has Been Wrong All Along - The Underlying Reality of Nature and How SuperWaves Will Change Everything
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Author(s): Dardik, Irv
ISBN No.: 9781579549381
Pages: 240
Year: 201903
Format: Trade Cloth (Hard Cover)
Price: £22.85
Status: Out Of Print (Not available from Oakleaf Books)

In The Nature of Nature, we understand that nature is not just a jigsaw puzzle made up of the material parts that then make up the world. Rather, nature is an ultimately ordered phenomenon that is responsible for stability and change. It is SuperWaves. SuperWaves we can see all around us, beginning with the physical world (seasons, planetary orbits, phases of the moon, the tides), our bodies (circadian rhythms, hormonal cycles), technology we already use (microwaves, cell phones, radio frequencies), and technology we will soon use (cold fusion, cancer-remediation therapies, reversal of many chronic diseases).Dardik goes into detail so that we can fully understand not only the big picture of nature, matter, and motion, but the practical applications of his provocative principle. The Nature of Nature details the future ramifications for the SuperWave theory in several key areas: Health: Dardik explains how SuperWaves "cycles" may help doctors "create health"-to help reverse cancer, help relieve bipolar and other mental disorders, and help ease chronic diseases such as MS, for example-while also helping athletes improve performance and otherwise healthy people achieve optimum wellness. Mysteries of the Universe: Dardik spells out how the SuperWave theory explains disparate mysteries that have confused scientists for centuries. One example is "missing mass.

" Using classical laws of physics, scientists have been puzzled why our universe doesn't fly apart, because there is not enough mass to generate the gravity to keep it together. In order to explain that quandary, scientist created the concept of "dark matter" or "missing mass," which states that somewhere out there, some mass must exist that we can't detect, otherwise we'd be flung into every direction by now. But the SuperWave theory explains that there is no missing mass. Instead, the larger waves of galaxy clusters maintain the coherence of the smaller galaxies' waves-the smaller waves nesting inside the larger waves-so they don't fly apart. Energy/Environment: Finally, Dardik explains how SuperWaves could help relieve the oil crisis and help reverse global warming by creating entirely clean, safe, and renewable energy. In The Nature of Nature, Dardik deciphers that information, reveals new knowledge of how to go about understanding the universe, and explains how we can survive and thrive within it. Our health, and the health of the environment and civilization depend upon our understanding SuperWaves, for it is responsible for the origin of life and of its evolution. The potent knowledge we have always desired about the workings of the world around us is finally here.

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