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Sacred Landscapes in Ancient Egypt
Sacred Landscapes in Ancient Egypt
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Author(s): Snape, Steven
ISBN No.: 9781847251459
Pages: 256
Year: 201606
Format: Trade Cloth (Hard Cover)
Price: £36.00
Dispatch delay: Dispatched between 7 to 15 days
Status: Available (Active record)

Poisoned Nation Reveals: - Americans are being denied urgent health information about the poisoning of our water, food, air, everyday products, and vaccines for the short-term profit of a reckless few. - The blood of every baby born today is already contaminated by more than two hundred industrial chemicals, pollutants, flame-retardants, and carcinogens. - Perchlorate, a highly toxic chemical used in the manufacture of rocket fuel and linked to thyroid disease, cancer, and a host of other illnesses, has already entered the drinking water of at least thirty-five U.S. states and is currently threatening the health of untold millions. - Despite a global ban on methyl bromide, an acutely toxic chemical known to cause devastating birth defects, it is still being sprayed on Christmas trees, fruits, and vegetables sold in America. The EPA has refused to reveal the extent of methyl bromide's use and our country's stored supply of the product. - The soaring epidemic of autism could not have taken place without the cooperation of drug companies, the government, scientists, and health officials.

The worldwide poisoning of children during routine vaccinations continues today, especially in Third World countries. - The FDA allows thousands of cosmetic hair dyes and personal-care products known to contain carcinogens to remain unregulated and to be sold daily to millions of American men, women, and children even as links with cancer have been clearly established. - The American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute have long known that mammograms used for diagnosis actually increase the risk of breast cancer, especially in younger women, yet they continue to recommend this diagnostic method.   But it is not too late. Interfaith religious groups working together still have the collective power, the resources, and the moral obligation to demand and implement change.   Praise for Growing Up Empty "Loretta Schwartz-Nobel's Growing Up Empty is a forceful reminder of the great shame in our society that hunger still plagues millions of Americans. She puts a human face on hunger around us and shines a moral spotlight on a problem that is largely ignored. More than just a forceful call to action, Growing Up Empty is a mandate for reform.

"--Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

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