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Butterflies of Louisiana : A Guide to Identification and Location
Butterflies of Louisiana : A Guide to Identification and Location
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Author(s): Marks, Craig W.
ISBN No.: 9780807168707
Pages: 472
Year: 201803
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £41.15
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Louisiana offers numerous opportunities for novices as well as experienced butterfly watchers to witness the beauty of this beguiling creature. In the warm southern state flight season for butterflies can stretch from late February to early November, and its multiple habitats, from coastal prairies to piney woods can host species like the brightly colored and showy E. Tiger Swallowtail, Cloudless Sulphur, Little Yellow, Common Buckeye and Gulf Fritillary. Louisiana's numerous state and federally protected enclaves also offer access to more elusive species like the Silver-spotted Skipper, Pipevine Swallowtail, Monarch, Red Admiral and Red-spotted Purple. With this book in hand, readers can find and identify the 154 species of butterflies and skippers in flitting through Louisiana's backyard gardens and wild landscapes. Greatly expanding upon previously published literature, Butterflies of Louisiana features photos, maps, and textual descriptions to aid in identifying and locating species. It includes a glossary; basic information on butterfly watching, gardening, and life cycle; species counts by parish; and suggestions of natural areas in every region of the state to find butterflies.

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