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Dinosaurus : The Complete Guide to Dinosaurs
Dinosaurus : The Complete Guide to Dinosaurs
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Author(s): Parker, Steve
ISBN No.: 9781770857766
Edition: Revised
Pages: 320
Year: 201805
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £20.00
Dispatch delay: Dispatched between 7 to 15 days
Status: Available From Our Suppliers (Active record)

Giganotosaurus "The king is dead: long live the king!" For almost 90 years, Tyrannosaurus rex reigned in the existing fossil record as the largest land predator the world had seen. But in 1994, Ruben Carolini, a car mechanic and part-time fossil enthusiast, was hunting in Patagonia, a region of southern Argentina, and came upon what proved to be a two-thirds complete skeleton of an even greater predator. A team from the increasingly well-known Carmen Funes Museum in Neuquén, Argentina, led by Rodolfo Coria with his colleague Leonardo Salgado, excavated the fossils. They were named in 1995. (See also Carcharodontosaurus , page 122.) Giganotosaurus was a meter or two (3 to 6 feet) bigger and a ton or two heavier than Tyrannosaurus . Length estimates vary from 13 to 15-plus meters (43 to 49-plus feet). Dated at 100-90 million years old, Giganotosaurus was separated by a continent and 25 million years from its "king of the dinosaurs" rival, Tyrannosaurus .

Giganotosaurus had a brain that was smaller than that of Tyrannosaurus , but its skull was bigger, at 1.8 meters (6 feet) - it alone was as long as a tall adult human being. The teeth were shaped not so much like daggers as like arrowheads, serrated along their edges, and over 20 centimeters (8 inches) long. The small forelimbs had three clawed digits, and the massive back legs each carried a few tons' weight as Giganotosaurus pounded along in search of food. Few additional specimens of this monster have been found, but in time, new discoveries may allow more speculation as to its behavior and probable prey. It may have eaten herbivorous dinosaurs, which are known to have been plentiful in the region, since fossils from over 20 species, including one of the biggest of all sauropods, Argentinosaurus , were found there and dated from roughly the same time. DINO FACTFILE Giganotosaurus Meaning: Giant southern reptile Pronunciation: Jee-gah-noe-toe-sore-uss Period: Late Cretaceous Main group: Theropoda Length: up to 13 meters (42 feet) Weight: 8 metric tons (81/2 tons) Diet: Large animals Fossils: Argentina.

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