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Subseafloor Biosphere Linked to Hydrothermal Systems : TAIGA Concept
Subseafloor Biosphere Linked to Hydrothermal Systems : TAIGA Concept
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ISBN No.: 9784431548645
Pages: xviii, 666
Year: 201501
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Introduction: concept of TAIGA.- Geochemical constraints on potential biomass sustained by subseafloor water-rock interactions.- Microbial cell densities, community structures, and growth in the hydrothermal plumes of subduction hydrothermal systems.- Systematics of distributions of various elements between ferromanganese oxides and seawater from natural observation, thermodynamics, and structures.- Evaluating hydrothermal system evolution using geochronological dating and biological diversity analyses.- Quantification of microbial communities in hydrothermal vent habitats of the Southern Mariana Trough and the Mid-Okinawa Trough.- Development of hydrothermal and frictional experimental systems to simulate sub-seafloor water-rock-microbe interactions.- Experimental hydrogen production in hydrothermal and fault systems: Significance for habitability of subseafloor H2 chemoautotroph microbial ecosystems.

- Experimental assessment of microbial effects on chemical interaction between seafloor massive sulfides and seawater at 4.- A compilation of the stable isotopic compositions of carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur in soft body parts of animals collected from deep-sea hydrothermal vent and methane seep fields: variations in energy source and importance of subsurface microbial processes in the sediment-hosted systems.- Tectonic background of four hydrothermal fields along the Central Indian Ridge.- Indian Ocean hydrothermal systems: seafloor hydrothermal activities, physical and chemical characteristics of hydrothermal fluids, and vent-associated biological communities.- Petrology and geochemistry of mid-ocean ridge basalts from the southern Central Indian Ridge.- Petrology of peridotites and related gabbroic rocks around the Kairei-hydrothermal field in the Central Indian Ridge.- Distribution and Biogeochemical Properties of Hydrothermal Plumes in the Rodriguez Triple Junction.- Vent fauna in the Central Indian Ridge.

- The mantle dynamics, the crustal formation, and the hydrothermal activity of the Southern Mariana Trough back-arc Basin.- Seismic structure and seismicity in the Southern Mariana Trough and their relation to hydrothermal activity.- Electrical resistivity structure of the Snail site at the Southern Mariana Trough spreading center.- Asymmetric seafloor spreading of the southern Mariana Trough back-arc basin.- Geochemical characteristics of active backarc basin volcanisms at the southern end of Mariana Trough.- Mineralogical and geochemical characteristics of hydrothermal minerals collected from hydrothermal vent fields in the Southern Mariana spreading center.- Dating of hydrothermal mineralization in active hydrothermal fields in the Southern Mariana Trough.- Intra-field variation of prokaryotic communities on and below the seafloor in the back-arc hydrothermal system of the Southern Mariana Trough.

- Vent fauna in the Mariana Trough.- Population history of a hydrothermal vent-endemic snail Alviniconcha hessleri in the Mariana Trough.- Hydrothermal activity in the Okinawa Trough backarc basin -geological background and hydrothermal mineralization-.- Active rifting structures in Iheya Graben and adjacent area of the mid-Okinawa Trough observed through seismic reflection surveys.- ESR dating of barite in sea-floor hydrothermal sulfide deposits in the Okinawa Trough.- Fluid geochemistry of high-temperature hydrothermal fields in the Okinawa Trough.- Sedimentpore water system associated with native sulfur formation at Jade hydrothermal field in Okinawa Trough.- Comparative investigation of microbial communities associated with hydrothermal activities in the Okinawa Trough.

- In situ determination of bacterial growth in mixing zone of hydrothermal vent field on the Hatoma Knoll, Southern Okinawa Trough.- Vent Fauna in the Okinawa Trough.- Brief report of side-scan sonar observations around the Yokoniwa NTO massif.- Examination of volcanic activity: AUV and submersible observations of fine-scale lava flow distributions along the Southern Mariana Trough spreading axis .- Brief report of side-scan sonar imagery observations of the Archaean, Pika, and Urashima hydrothermal sites.- The Yoron Hole: the shallowest hydrothermal site in the Okinawa Trough.- The Irabu Knoll: Hydrothermal site at the eastern edge of the Yaeyama Graben.- Tarama Knoll: Geochemical and biological profiles of hydrothermal activity.

- Petrography and geochemistry of basement rocks drilled from Snail, Yamanaka, Archean, and Pika hydrothermal fields at the Southern Mariana Trough by Benthic Multi-coring System (BMS).- Pore fluid chemistry beneath active hydrothermal fields in the mid-Okinawa Trough: Results of shallow drilling by BMS during TAIGA11 cruise.- The characteristics of the seafloor massive sulfide deposits at the Hakurei Site in the Izena Hole, the Middle Okinawa Trough.- Occurrence of hydrothermal alteration minerals at the Jade hydrothermal field, in the Izena Hole, mid-Okinawa Trough.- Geochemistry of hydrothermal fluids collected from active hydrothermal systems in the southern Mariana Trough backarc spreading center.- Gamma ray doses in water around sea floor hydrothermal area in South Mariana.- 226Ra-210Pb and 228Ra-228Th dating of barite in submarine hydrothermal sulfide deposits collected at Okinawa Trough and South Mariana Trough.- OSL dating of sea floor sediments at the Okinawa Trough.

- Immediate change of radiation doses from hydrothermal deposits.- Periodic behavior of deep sea current in the Hatoma Knoll hydrothermal system.- The gelatinous macroplankton community at the Hatoma Knoll hydrothermal vent.

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