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Ecosystem Services and Carbon Sequestration in the Biosphere
Ecosystem Services and Carbon Sequestration in the Biosphere
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ISBN No.: 9789401783026
Pages: x, 464
Year: 201506
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Foreword K. Töpfer 1 Societal Dependence on Soil's Ecosystem Services; R. Lal, K. Lorenz, R.F. Hüttl, B.U. Schneider, and J.

von Braun 2 Soils and Ecosystem Services; R. Lal 3 Ecosystem Carbon Sequestration; K. Lorenz 4 Food Security Through Better Soil Carbon Management; K. Goulding, D. Powslon, A. Whitmore, and A. Macdonald 5 Soil Carbon and Water Security; K.H.

Feger and D. Hawtree 6 Forests, Carbon Pool and Timber Production; R. Jandl, S. Schüler, A. Schindlbacher, and C. Tomiczek 7 Ecosystem Carbon and Soil Biodiversity; G. De Deyn 8 Ecosystem Services and the Global Carbon Cycle; M.R.

Raupach 9 Losses of Soil Carbon to the Atmosphere via Inland Surface Waters; J.J.C. Dawson 10 Why Pests and Disease Regulation Should Concern Mankind; W.A. Oluoch-Kosura A.W. Muriuki, F.

M. Olubayo, and D. Kilalo 11 Natural Hazards Mitigation Services of Carbon-Rich Ecosystems; R. Cochard 12 Safeguarding Regulating and Cultural Ecosystem Services: Degradation and Conservation Status; B. Egoh 13 Human Appropriation of Net Primary Production, Stocks and Flows of Carbon, and Biodiversity; H. Haberl, K.-H. Erb, S.

Gingrich, T. Kastner, and F. Krausmann 14 Soil Carbon and Biofuels; I. Lewandowski 15 Land Degradation and Ecosystem Services; Z. Bai, D. Dent, Y. Wu, and R. de Jong 16 The Human Dimensions of Environmental Degradation and Ecosystem Services: Understanding and Solving the Commons Dilemma; A.

Singh, R. Wilson, J. Bruskotter, J. Brooks, A. Zwickle, and E. Toman 17 Soil Organic Carbon, Soil Formation and Soil Fertility; T. Gaiser, K. Stahr 18 Managing Soil Organic Carbon for Advancing Food Security and Strengthening Ecosystem Services in China; M.

Fan, J. Cao, W. Wei, F. Zhang, and Y. Su 19 Research and Development Priorities for Global Soil-related Policies and Programs; R. Lal, K. Lorenz, R.F.

Hüttl, B.U. Schneider, and J. von Braun Index.

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