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Interactions Between Biosphere, Atmosphere and Human Land Use in the Amazon Basin
Interactions Between Biosphere, Atmosphere and Human Land Use in the Amazon Basin
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ISBN No.: 9783662499009
Pages: x, 478
Year: 201611
Format: Trade Cloth (Hard Cover)
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Interactions between biosphere, atmosphere and human land use in the Amazon Basin: an introduction.- Biogenic volatile organic compounds in Amazonian forest ecosystems.- The hydrology and energy balance of the Amazon Basin.- Extreme seasonal climate variations in the Amazon basin: droughts and floods.- The Amazon carbon balance: an evaluation of methods and results.- Climate and the Amazonian carbon balance.- Aquatic ecosystems.- Ecosystem-atmosphere exchanges of CO2 in dense and open 'terra firme' rain forests in Amazonia.

- Overview of forest carbon stocks study in Amazonas State, Brazil.- Recent changes in Amazon forest biomass and dynamics.- The biogeochemistry of the main forest vegetation types in Amazonia.- Soil - vegetation interactions in Amazonia.- Fires in Amazonia.- Modelling Amazonian carbon budgets and vegetation dynamics in a changing climate.- Land use, land cover and land use change in the Brazilian Legal Amazon (1960-2013).- The impact of land use on carbon stocks and fluxes in Brazilian Amazonia: Implications for policy.

- An Amazonian forest and its fragments as a laboratory of global change.- The socio-ecological implications of land use and landscape change in the Brazilian Amazon.- Amazonia in perspective as a changing environment.

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