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The New Testament : A Translation
The New Testament : A Translation
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Author(s): Hart, David Bentley
ISBN No.: 9780300186093
Pages: 616
Year: 201801
Format: Trade Cloth (Hard Cover)
Price: £36.00
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"This necessary, brilliantly presented translation reads like taking a biblical studies class with a provocative professor."--Publishers Weekly (starred review) "The book sets out to be provocative and succeeds. [Hart] conveys exceptionally well the urgency of the New Testament. The message itself is of supreme and burning importance, and the authors were in a hurry to get it out, and Hart lets us feel this 'from the inside.'"--Paul Mankowski, First Things "In its simplicity and freshness David Hart's New Testament translation will sound as strange and wondrous to twenty-first-century, English-language speakers as the Greek of the New Testament sounded to first-century speakers of Greek."--Robert Louis Wilken, author of The First Thousand Years "This scrupulous, knotty, learned rendering of some of the most familiar texts of our culture makes us see with new clarity just what was and is uncomfortably new about the New Testament."--Rowan Williams, theologian and poet, Cambridge "In this age of committee-generated translations of the Bible, a fresh and pointedly different translation of the New Testament by a single scholar is a remarkable achievement. Hart's approach is intentionally provocative, and strong reactions are sure to follow.

Let the games begin."-- John P. Meier, author of A Marginal Jew: Rethinking the Historical Jesus "David Hart's translation of the New Testament is a theological and ecclesial event of the first magnitude. By providing, for the first time, a literal English translation of the Greek (and demonstrating that the most literal can be the most strikingly beautiful rendering) Hart has shown, after 500 years, that the core of Reformation theology is un-Biblical and that certain currents of Latin theology are dubious or inadequate. This new version, which should become the standard one for scholarly use, also makes it clearer that, while doctrinal liberalism is wishful thinking, credal Christianity only emerged from a plausible but subtle reading of sometimes teasingly ambivalent texts. Hart's brilliant postscript amounts to a call for a more genuinely Biblical orthodoxy: universalist, synergic, participatory, cosmic, gnostic (in a non-heterodox sense) and communitarian."--John Milbank, University of Nottingham.

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