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Remnants of the Later Syriac Versions of the Bible
Remnants of the Later Syriac Versions of the Bible
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Author(s): Gwynn, John
ISBN No.: 9781593331757
Pages: 348
Year: 201901
Format: E-Book
Price: £154.54
Status: Out Of Print (Not available from Oakleaf Books)

Addenda by Corrigenda Introduction The Peshitta New Testament First Printed The extra-Peshitta Epistles Date and Authorship of our Version Identification of our Version as Part of the Philoxenian N.T. The Philoxenian New Testament Other Surviving Remains of the Philoxenian The Harklensian New Testament Comparative Value of the Two Versions The Affinity Between Them, Twofold Their Affinity in Diction Their Affinity in Text Authorities for Present Text: Manuscripts Authorities for our Text: Editions Authorities for our Text: Versions The Text of the Earlier as Against the Later MSS, adopted in this Edition The Text of the Later MSS upheld by Professor Merz The Arabic Version and the B-Text The Harklensian Version and the A-Text Summary The Underlying Greek Text Postscript: The Pericope de Adultera.

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