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Gone to Amerikay
Gone to Amerikay
Click to enlarge
ISBN No.: 9781401223526
Pages: 144
Year: 203512
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £14.23
Status: Out Of Print (Not available from Oakleaf Books)

"Ghost story or detective fiction? History or mythology? Drawing on the freewheeling spirit of Irish and Irish-American popular culture, GONE TO AMERIKAY is all of these. A tale that takes place simultaneously in 1870, 1960 and 2010, it recognizes that though enormous changes have taken place over time in the relationship between the New World and the Old Country, some things, like love, justice and respect, are timeless and imperative. With thrilling illustrations, rich with the color and mood of these passions, you will find yourself unable to avoid lingering at length on them before picking up the story again."-Philip Chevron, The Pogues "GONE TO AMERIKAY s a wonderful story, lushly illustrated, full of music and passion, twists and turns, beautifully evoking the Irish immigrant experience in three different times and sewing them all together brilliantly at the end. A real treat, for those who love New York history, or just a great story."-Kevin Baker, author of PARADISE ALLEY, DREAMLAND, LUNA PARK "GONE TO AMERIKAY is not just a great book, it's an important book. In a marketplace where every season brings another supposed Big Event, this is the real deal. It uses the immigrant experience to talk about us, who we are, how and why we came here, with some echoes of where we might be going.

The art is superb, containing some of the best and most evocative images of the period you're ever going to see, and the story is wide in scope but intimate in its details as it flashes forward and backward in time. Forget the hype, this is going to be THE book of 2012."-J. Michael Straczynski (SUPERMAN:YEAR ONE, BABYLON FIVE, CHANGELING).

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