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Vertigo Quarterly SFX
Vertigo Quarterly SFX
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Author(s): Milligan, Peter
ISBN No.: 9781401261474
Pages: 200
Year: 203501
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £18.28
Status: Out Of Print (Not available from Oakleaf Books)

Irish writer Peter Milligan joined Vertigo in 1989 with the mini-series SKREEMER and soon became an imprint mainstay, writing both SHADE THE CHANGING MAN, HUMAN TARGET, ENIGMA, GREEK STREET and HELLBLAZER. For the DC Universe, he has written Batman in DETECTIVE COMICS and is acknowledged as the driving force behind the Knightfall event. He began his comics career with England's 2000 AD , notably its Bad Company serial. He was named one of Entertainment Weekly 's "it" writers in 2002. Milligan's recent works include RED LANTERNS for DC Comics.

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