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Safety in Design
Safety in Design
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Author(s): van't Land, C. M.
ISBN No.: 9781118745557
Pages: 224
Year: 201809
Format: Trade Cloth (Hard Cover)
Price: £77.40
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This book introduces the topic of intrinsic safeguarding, an approach that is successful in the chemical industry, into other fields of society. Mainly covering design aspects this book also covers procedures for preventing and alleviating the impact of accidents. Also based on the author's own experience in the field the book contains collected data from approximately 70 accidents/incidents which could have been prevented or its effects mitigated. The methodology emanates from intrinsic continuous process safeguarding in the chemical industry, a concept based on chemical and physical properties of reaction systems. The stability of reaction systems protected in this way falls within very wide limits and is therefore not endangered by human errors or failures of instrumentation. If implemented these safety procedures can help prevent loss of life, prevent injuries and prevent material damage.

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