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Critical Design in Context : History, Theory, and Practices
Critical Design in Context : History, Theory, and Practices
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Author(s): Malpass, Matt
ISBN No.: 9781472575173
Pages: 168
Year: 201702
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Chapter 1: Introducing critical design Challenging orthodoxyChallenging colloquialism: the problem with critical designWhat's so critical about critical design practiceWhy study critical design?Researching critical design practice'Critical' in critical design practiceIndustrial design as a disciplineThe structure and approach to writing Chapter 2: History A forgotten history of critical design practiceAn emerging critical design practiceChallenging hegemonyAnti-designParticipatory designUnikat Design: adding nothing but the conceptRepresentative designDesign InteractionsCritical Design at the Royal College of ArtSynergies between precedents and contemporary examples of critical design Chapter 3: Theories, methods and tactics Design as a medium for inquiryPost-optimal design and Para-functionalityRhetorical useDiscursive designThe aesthetics of use and meaningful presenceExploratory potentialDesign fictionSpeculation and propositionConstructing publicsAmbiguity Chapter 4: Criticism, function and discipline Design ArtDesign art and societyFunction in critical design practiceThe paradox of critical design in commercial useModelling the fieldDesign at usersDirecting critique through design practice Chapter 5: Practice Associative designSpeculative designCritical designDesign practice as satireThe uses of narrativeRationality and ambiguityTowards a taxonomy of critical practices in designThe taxonomy as an analytical toolApplications of the taxonomy Chapter 6: Critical design practice and its disciplinary contribution SummaryChallenging disciplinary orthodoxyAn extended role for industrial design: discipline, science and society Bibliography.

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