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Design Psychology and Nationality
Design Psychology and Nationality
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Author(s): Moss, Gloria
ISBN No.: 9780566087851
Pages: 200
Year: 201706
Format: Trade Cloth (Hard Cover)
Price: £90.00
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Sustaining a competitive advantage in a global market now involves micro-marketing through a variety of media to a variety of different customers or potential customers. Gloria Moss' Design Psychology and Nationality explores the potential for using design to target and communicate with your customers more effectively across national boundaries. The author maps out the terrain of Design Psychology, which draws on the disciplines of design, cognitive psychology, art therapy, marketing and human resources, and shows how better targeting can take place through an understanding of the impact of nationality on production and preference aesthetics. It is a marketing truism that products should be shaped around the preferences of customers, not designers, and that purchasing intent can be increased by providing products that appeal to customers. This book reveals the extent to which design choice is currently circumscribed and shows how choice can be extended by taking into account the preferences of a range of stakeholders.

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