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So You Want to Join the U. S. Peace Corps : Here's the Info You Need
So You Want to Join the U. S. Peace Corps : Here's the Info You Need
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Author(s): Fegenbush, Luke
ISBN No.: 9781620232071
Pages: 180
Year: 201706
Format: Book, Other
Price: £19.18
Dispatch delay: Dispatched between 7 to 15 days
Status: Available (Forthcoming)

Joining the Peace Corps can seem like a daunting task. However, if you ve ever been interested or have entertained the thought of it, this book is the all-inclusive guide you need. When you turn 18, you can join the more than 220,000 Americans who have served in 63 countries. This experience is truly life changing; if you feel like you re in a rut or want to get out there and do something that you might not be able to do in the future, joining the Peace Corps might be the answer. This book contains many interviews with young people who have served in the Peace Corps; they tell their stories and give practical advice about joining. You will learn how to apply, the specific qualifications to join, and what you can do to boost your chances of submitting a winning application. We also cover everything that comes after the application process, such as the countries served, the languages spoken, and the vital medical and safety information that you will need to remain safe during your travels, all explained simply. After reading this book, the young adult audience will feel prepared and will know exactly what to expect.

This book even covers how to adjust to coming back home. Pack your bags for a great adventure this book has you covered.-- (11/30/2016 12:00:00 AM)".

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