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Coming Out Together : An Ethnohistory of the Asian and Pacific Isl
Coming Out Together : An Ethnohistory of the Asian and Pacific Isl
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Author(s): Ordona, Trinity A.
ISBN No.: 9780415978088
Pages: 256
Year: 205012
Format: Trade Cloth (Hard Cover)
Price: £132.59
Dispatch delay: Dispatched between 7 to 15 days
Status: Available (Forthcoming)

Coming Out Togetheris an insider's chronicle of the Asian and Pacific Islander queer women and transgendered people's (APLBT) movement of San Francisco and its transformation from traditional silent minority to public advocate of gay rights and same-sex marriage. The account begins with the origins of identity politics in the 1960s when people of color chose to organize separately from white people, creating people of color empowerment movements on one side and white anti-war, women's and gay/lesbian movements on the other. Sadly, both sides of the Movement alienated or outright excluded gay people of color, including Asian and Pacific Islander people. Re-starting from the margins of both movements, Asian American lesbians like Doreen Wong started a fledging Asian American feminist support group in 1977. From this modest beginning, followed by a decade of internal work, came a new generation of APLBT people like Lancie Woo and Cristy Chung, Asian American lesbians, parents and named litigants in the successful 2005 same sex marriage lawsuit in California (Woo vs. Lockyer). Based on the author's experiences as a '60s Movement veteran and APLBT organizer, along with key informant interviews and historic documents, Coming Out Together is the story of a multiply marginalized group that underwent--together--an identity, community and movement building process that transformed individual, family and community traditions and loyalties. Today, APLBT people are visible, vocal and proud in the Asian American and gay communities.

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