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Agile Recipes
Agile Recipes
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Author(s): Bell, Peter
ISBN No.: 9780321823250
Pages: 384
Year: 202505
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £37.19
Status: Out Of Print (Not available from Oakleaf Books)

Agile Recipes gives you proven ways to quickly drive real value from any Agile/Lean approach in any organization. Influential software innovator Peter Bell first introduces a set of core principles that underlie the effective use of Agile/Lean methods, offering foundational insights on issues ranging from motivation and talent to craftsmanship, constraints, and organizational learning. Next, he presents a series of detailed Agile/Lean pattern-style "recipes" for addressing several of today's most common software development challenges, including: * Building the right software * Creating effective specifications * Minimizing bugs * Improving estimates * Meeting commitments and handling backlogs * Implementing automated testing * Managing technical, model, and innovation debts * Leading developers more effectively * And much more Through realistic examples, Bell explains how and why organizations choose specific Agile patterns to solve specific technical or business problems. Next, he presents a library of detailed patterns, each with a brief explanation, summary of the problems it is designed to solve, step by step instructions for implementing it successfully, and suggestions for enhancing its value once you've done so. Bell's patterns range from story mapping to pairing, user stories to Behavior, Feature, and Acceptance Test-driven development, and he supports them with examples based on common technologies ranging from Java, and .NET to Groovy, Ruby, Python, and PHP.

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