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Assessing and Responding to Audit Risk in a Financial Statement Audit, October 2016
Assessing and Responding to Audit Risk in a Financial Statement Audit, October 2016
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Author(s): Aicpa
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Staff (Corporate)
ISBN No.: 9781945498169
Pages: 592
Year: 201804
Format: Trade Paper
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Part I Authoritative and Nonauthoritative Guidance on the Auditor's Risk Assessment in a Financial Statement Audit 1 Overview of Applying the Audit Risk Standards .01-.42 2 Key Concepts Underlying the Auditor's Risk Assessment Process .01-.122 3 Planning and Performing Risk Assessment Procedures .01-.147 4 Understanding the Client, Its Environment, and Its Internal Control .01-.

89 5 Risk Assessment and the Design of Further Audit Procedures .01-.76 6 Performing Further Audit Procedures .01-.125 7 Evaluating Audit Findings, Audit Evidence, and Deficiencies in Internal Control .01-.79 Part II Additional Resources Appendix A Considerations in Establishing the Overall Audit Strategy B Understanding the Entity and Its Environment C Internal Control Components D Exhibit--Management Antifraud Programs and Controls E Illustrative Financial Statement Assertions and Examples of Substantive Procedures Illustrations for Inventories of a Manufacturing Company F Consideration of Prior Year Uncorrected Misstatements G Assessing the Severity of Identified Deficiencies in Internal Control H Examples of Circumstances That May Be Deficiencies, Significant Deficiencies, or Material Weaknesses I Suggestions for Conducting Inquiries J Matters to Consider in Determining Performance Materiality Part III Illustrative Audit Documentation Case Study Appendix K Illustrative Audit Documentation Case Study: Young Fashions, Inc. K-1 Young Fashions: Understanding of Entity and Its Environment K-2 Young Fashions: Evaluation of Entity-Level Controls K-3 Young Fashions: Understanding of Internal Control--IT General Controls K-4 Young Fashions: Evaluation of Activity-Level Controls--Wholesale Sales K-5 Young Fashions: Assessing Risks of Material Misstatement and Linkage to Further Audit Procedures K-6 Young Fashions: Evaluation of Uncorrected Misstatements and Assessment of Control Deficiencies L The Effect of Group Audits on Planning and Determining Materiality M Overview of Statements on Quality Control Standards N Schedule of Changes Made to the Text From the Previous Edition Index of Pronouncements and Other Technical Guidance Subject Index.

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