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Business Driven Technology
Business Driven Technology
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Author(s): Baltzan, Paige
ISBN No.: 9781259567322
Pages: 608
Year: 201703
Format: Trade Cloth (Hard Cover)
Price: £273.59
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Unit One: Achieving Business Success 1: Business Driven Technology 2: Identifying Competitive Advantages 3: Strategic Initiatives for Implementing Competitive Advantages 4: Measuring the Success of Strategic Initiatives 5: Organizational Structures That Support Strategic Initiatives Unit Two: Exploring Business Intelligence 6: Valuing and Storing Organizational Information--Databases 7: Accessing Organizational Information--Data Warehouses 8: Understanding Big Data and Its Impact on Business Unit Three: Streamlining Business Operations 9: Enabling the Organization--Decision Making 10: Extending the Organization--Supply Chain Management 11: Building a Customer-Centric Organization--Customer Relationship Management 12: Integrating the Organization from End to End--Enterprise Resource Planning Unit Four: Building Innovation 13: Creating Innovative Organizations 14: Ebusiness 15: Creating Collaborative Partnerships 16: Integrating Wireless Technology in Business Unit Five: Transforming Organizations 17: Developing Software to Streamline Operations 18: Methodologies for Supporting Agile Organizations 19: Managing Organizational Projects Business Plug-Ins B1: Business Basics B2: Business Process B3: Hardware and Software Basics B4: MIS Infrastructures B5: Networks and Telecommunications B6: Information Security B7: Ethics B8: Operations Management B9: Sustainable MIS Infrastructures B10: Business Intelligence B11: Global Information Systems B12: Global Trends Technology Plug-Ins (Connect only) T1: Personal Productivity Using IT T2: Basic Skills Using Excel T3: Problem Solving Using Excel T4: Decision Making Using Excel T5: Designing Database Applications T6: Basic Skills Using Access T7: Problem Solving Using Access T8: Decision Making Using Access T9: Designing Web Pages T10: Creating Web Pages Using HTML T11: Creating Web Pages Using Dreamweaver T12: Creating Gantt Charts with Excel and Microsoft Project.

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