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The Making of India : The Untold Story of British Enterprise
The Making of India : The Untold Story of British Enterprise
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Author(s): Lalvani, Kartar
ISBN No.: 9781472951205
Pages: 464
Year: 201812
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £18.29
Dispatch delay: Dispatched between 7 to 15 days
Status: Available (Forthcoming)

"Elegant, fair and extremely well written. I am delighted that the other side of the story is being told, as it deserves to be." - Martin Bell, British UNICEF Ambassador, former MP and war reporter "Remarkable for its scholarship, readability and message." - Andrew Roberts, historian, visiting Professor King's College London, author of Napoleon the Great "Absolutely excellent: informative, well argued and passionate. This book contains the seeds of future Anglo-Indian cooperation." - Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister "This is a courageous and meticulously researched book. It challenges the fashionably negative view of the impact of the Raj on India. Dr Lalvani makes the positive case with conviction and scholarship.

" - Sir Vince Cable, former British Cabinet Minister "I fully concur with Dr Lalvani that Indians should be grateful for some of the permanent blessings of colonial rule, which only the unique attributes of the British could have conferred on us. A highly educated author belonging to the brave Sikh community should declare the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth." - Professor Ram Jethmalani, MP Former Indian Cabinet Minister of Judiciary and Company Law and Chairman of the Bar Council of India "Dr Lalvani is a mover and a shaker. This remarkably scholarly book will turn old ways of thinking upside down." - Joanna Lumley, actress, author and activist "Dr Lalvani shows his love of both countries in a generous, heart-warming contribution to our history. This book will be a bright star to which we can turn for the authoritative alternative version of how the British helped India." - Baroness Harris, House of Lords "Dr Lalvani has laid a new foundation for our understanding of how the wide ranging infrastructure provided by the British helped prepare India for its transformation into a 21st-century power." - Professor David Heymann, Chatham House "Extremely well judged, factually accurate, with a wealth of fascinating material .

This book adds hugely to our knowledge." - Anil Seal, Founder of The Cambridge School of Indian History "Bracingly controversial . I defy anyone with a modicum of open-mindedness not to read The Making Of India and concede, however grudgingly, that [the author] just might have a point." - Daily Mail "An equally wonderful and thought-provoking book that drips with complexity." - Michael Duggan, Catholic Herald, Books of the Year 2016.

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