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Historical Miniatures
Historical Miniatures
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Author(s): Strindberg, August
ISBN No.: 9781606641217
Pages: 228
Year: 200805
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £11.70
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Status: Available (Active record)

PORTRAITS IN HISTORY FROM A MASTER ""A philosopher and poet here describes the visions which a study of the history of mankind has called up before his inner eye. Julian the Apostate and Peter the Hermit appear on the stage, together with Attila and Luther, Alcibiades and Eginhard. We see the empires of the Pharaohs and the Czars, the Athens of Socrates and the 'Merry England' of Henry VIII. There are twenty brief episodes, and each of them is alive. So powerful is the writer's faculty of vision, that it compels belief in his descriptions of countries and men."" -- Maximilian Harden, "Zukunft" (1907) Look back in time through the lens of a literary genius August Strindberg is generally acknowledged as the greatest Scandinavian author of all time, and the father of modern theater. In "Historical Miniatures, " Strindberg's fine mind looks back into the murky lands of history and conjures forth twenty two vignettes of famous humans beings. History speaks again under the direction of a great playwright and novelist.

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