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The Road to Luxury : The Evolution, Markets and Strategies of Luxury Brand Management
The Road to Luxury : The Evolution, Markets and Strategies of Luxury Brand Management
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Author(s): Blanckaert, Christian
ISBN No.: 9780470830024
Pages: 432
Year: 201503
Format: Trade Cloth (Hard Cover)
Price: £60.00
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Praise for THE ROAD TO LUXURY "I enjoyed reading this 360-degree overview of the Luxury world and I think it could become a sort of a 'Bible' for everyone belonging to or studying to enter this challenging world. Besides providing a deep analysis on the evolution of this sector, such as the who's who, branding, retail, operations and emerging markets, I think everyone involved in this world will be able to find answers to every question which may arise or needs clarification. The reading is easily comprehensible and dotted with amusing stories like 'The pink bag' or the description of the perfect store manager.all this makes a wonderful 'package' full of passion without which anyone would not be able to enter or survive in the Luxury world." --Giovanna Furlanetto, President, Furla " The Road to Luxury is a brilliantly insightful map of global luxury. The book walks you through the evolution of modern luxury brands, markets and the talents that drive it. It also provides a view on future shifts with emerging markets and brands as well as some warning signs. The book is a must read for all luxury executives.

" --Grace Nida, Managing Director, Global Luxury Sector, Korn Ferry "This book gives a global view on the luxury industry. It has a comprehensive approach which makes it relevant to all audiences. The mix between academic research and real-world examples makes it a comprehensive tool and gives the reader a great amount of knowledge about the vibrant world of luxury. I encourage everyone to read it whether you are a student, a professional or just curious to learn about the exciting world of luxury." --Patrick Chalhoub, Co-CEO, Chalhoub Group "Building on their extensive academic practice and their professional knowledge of the industry, Ashok Som and Christian Blanckaert provide one of the most complete reviews of the luxury industry to date. The Road to Luxury is an insightful must-read for both young professionals looking for a detailed overview of the industry and experienced managers willing to refresh specific aspects of what makes the luxury industry unique." --Francis Belin, Senior Vice President Asia Pacific, Swarovski Consumer Goods Business " The Road to Luxury presents a thorough analysis of the luxury industry in a remarkably easy to read way. The authors evaluate the critical processes, skills and major players of luxury compared to those of other industries, skillfully identifying the key points that harness success.

Professor Ashok Som has studied and worked with the major industry players and this clearly grants him a privileged and passionate perspective on the industry. The book is a good reference point for understanding the luxury industry's key drivers and making more informed decisions, which makes it as an ideal handbook for people who are currently working in the industry or who wish to understand what make this industry special." --Stefano Rivera, CEO, Scabal "I found this book beautifully illustrated, very pleasant to read, and full of great ideas for managing the LEONARD operations worldwide in the years to come. I will keep the book within reach so I can consult it regularly to find inspiration." --Daniel Tribouillard, Chairman of the Board, LEONARD Fashion.

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