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The Reincarnation
The Reincarnation
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Author(s): Middings, Chris
ISBN No.: 9781435724471
Pages: 177
Year: 200807
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £11.94
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Status: Available (Active record)

What happens to a person's soul when they are cryonically frozen, and therefore clinically dead? What happens to their soul when they are revived twenty-five years later? If their soul left them, does it return? What if their soul is already in someone else?Weaving social science fiction and supernatural intrigue, The Reincarnation explores these questions in an environmentally-devastated future where The Medical Church of America has wed medicine and religion, with reincarnation as the bridesmaid and the soul as best man.Following the lives of two men - one recovering from a long freeze, the other vainly trying to regain his mind - The Reincarnation delves into psychic territory never before explored. As these two very different men sense and feel the one thing they do share, the battle over their common soul commences.In the struggle over who will survive, their disparate paths converge into one common future: the destruction of the institution that conceived their living nightmare.

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