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The Kettle Black
The Kettle Black
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Author(s): Ferrar, Alexander
ISBN No.: 9781435729728
Pages: 232
Year: 200807
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £18.60
Dispatch delay: Dispatched between 7 to 15 days
Status: Available (Active record)

Serial killer, hero, tomay-to, tomah-to. In the world I see, the weak die early, yielding to the strong, the blind catch no game and fall easy prey to wild beasts and wilder men. In the world I long for, those who sneeze and cough in the great outdoors don't last one night. A runt wouldn't suffer long. A runt wouldn't have any illusions about what he can become with a little pluck and heart. A runt won't be too disappointed when he discovers he's been lied to.My beautiful eyes are football-shaped and diseased, and worthless unless I stick little pieces of plastic directly onto their surfaces. My muscles would never have grown without the aid of chemicals and supplements the US RDA hasn't approved yet.

I'm not a liar or a poseur, but somehow, I will always be a fraud.This perfect smile that I wore braces and bled to get is nothing but enameled bone exposed by flesh to grind my food into a digestible pulp. That's all. You have a lovely smile.All the better to eat you with.

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