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Silent Selling : Best Practices and Effective Strategies in Visual Merchandising
Silent Selling : Best Practices and Effective Strategies in Visual Merchandising
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Author(s): Bell, Judith
Bell, Judy
ISBN No.: 9781501315497
Pages: 448
Year: 201708
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £91.44
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Capturing the direction and evolution of today's retail industry, Silent Selling: Best Practices and Effective Strategies in Visual Merchandising , 5th Edition, is a blend of practical activities and creative problem-solving activities to carry students well beyond the basics of visual merchandising. New features on digital tools introduce some of the most widely used resources in the retail industry today. A new "Design Gallery" feature opens every chapter with full page color photographs that reflect the theme of the material to come and is later reintroduced with a description about the retailer, including origin of the business, mission, and interesting and unusual highlights. Readers gain an understanding of experts' recent discoveries and learn valuable techniques while being encouraged to think outside the box using Bell's "Look-Compare-Innovate" model. With these informational tools, students can learn to create and deliver professional merchandise presentations that will facilitate their move from the classroom to the workplace. New to This Edition · More than 150 full-color images throughout the text, including 15 new chapter-opening photographs, showcase current best practices in visual merchandising by retailers from around the globe · New "Outside the Box Challenge" feature at the end of every chapter offers experiential tools to encourage creative thinking · Includes new sections on the influence of online selling and resources on visual merchandising in the physical store environment, such as signage (Chapter 8, Signage) · New examples of mannequins, including images of Ralph Pucci mannequins (Chapter 13, Mannequins and Mannequin Alternatives) · Added discussion of how to hire and guide design firms (Chapter 14, Building a Visual Merchandising Department) Instructor's Resources include an Instructor's Guide, Test Bank and PowerPoint presentations. Silent Selling STUDIO -Study smarter with self-quizzes featuring scored results and personalized study tips -Review concepts with flashcards of terms and definitions PLEASE NOTE: Purchasing or renting this ISBN does not include access to the STUDIO resources that accompany this text. To receive free access to the STUDIO content with new copies of this book, please refer to the book + STUDIO access card bundle ISBN 9781501315565.

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