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Three Goobers and a Nut
Three Goobers and a Nut
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Author(s): Bugg, A. T.
ISBN No.: 9781606109236
Pages: 159
Year: 200808
Format: Trade Paper
Price: £26.34
Dispatch delay: Dispatched between 7 to 15 days
Status: Available (Active record)

I never had a chance of being the average well-behaved child of the 1950s. My sister was thirteen when I was born, my brother was nine and my mom’s youngest sister was fourteen. Also, I had a grandmother who could charm fleas off a dog and get them to join the circus. So, naturally, I got most anything I wanted! The older men were back from the war. Without anything to do, they would put me up to various pranks or mischievous deeds for money, which promptly got me a hickory switch across my behind. By age four, I basically had the older crowd wrapped around my finger. It was around this time that Dink and Rabbit began their training as Goobers. Needing a helper, I drafted Ollie Bay to assist in training the Goobers.

Thus began the many adventures of the Three Goobers and a Nut.

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